MGS 4 Not Really A System Seller In Japan

Metal Gear Solid 4 is just what long-time fans hoped for, but according to Famitsu Metal Gear Solid 4 is nothing but just another game not a system seller.

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chaosatom3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

yeah, just another game.

The true weakness of Wii console will be shown soon enough.

MADGameR3732d ago

Japan is just too stuck up..

iamtehpwn3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

to all that Japs that bought Wii Fit.

Again, People obviously aren't buying Wii for a high end gaming experience, and that's fine.

Remember last gen when all 3 consoles were the same thing with different games? Yeaaah. Now that was lame. lol

eagle213732d ago

Fail. The game is popular in Japan for core gamers and got high scores. That is all that counts.

power of Green 3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

This is not about the mainstream Media being bribed setting the tone or for all other reviewers. A company would have to be crazy to say anything other than MGS4 being the 2nd coming of Christ. I think this is pretty much about the Japanese not seeing MGS4 as an AAA *not* the score it has.

vasilisk3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Stupidity at it's best...
PS3 sold around 40-50K for May (whole month). MGS4 was released mid-June and tripled it's PS3's Japan sales for July even with only 15 days on sale. If that's not a system seller then I wonder what is... Wii outsold PS3 at the beginning 12 to 1, then it was 8 to 1, 6 to 1 and for June it was 1.7 to 1.
And again if that's not a system seller then I wonder what is...

MidnightProwler3731d ago

I may be new to this site, but I have noticed you tend to troll alot of news from the PS3 section. While you are defending a plastic box on an internet gaming website, I will be playing one of the most captivating video games ever. Goodbye.

gaffyh3731d ago

It was a system seller, maybe the sales increase wasn't in the millions, but it did increase the sales from May to June.

LaChance3731d ago

I think its safe to say that Japan arent intersted in Next Gen.

I mean first they were waiting for PS3 price cut , then it was Yakuza 3 , then it was DMC4 then MGS4.

What are they waiting for now ?

FF13 ? Maybe , but the PS3 IS an atractive machine today unlike in 2007 so maybe they just dont care.

And 360 ? know the story.

Maybe in Japan they just dont need what Westerners think is important : power , graphics , online etc.

So the Wii fits thm perfectly.

power of Green 3731d ago

You are lying I'v been visiting all the big news for the last 4 days sence I'v been allowed back in the gamerzone lol.

mint royale3731d ago

That commetn has no basis beyond blatant fanboyism. Keep believing...

dantesparda3731d ago

The stupidity of the internet continues to amaze me. The guy's logic (who wrote this article, if you could even call it that) is moronic beyond belief. So according to his logic, MGS4 is not a system seller because it didnt make the PS3 outsell the Wii in Japan. Well did Halo 3 make 360 outsell the Wii in Japan, or how about Gears? Or any other game on either system for that matter? (and dont talk to me about one month here or there either). This guy is a total idiot!

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pwnsause3732d ago

how about this, its just not a good idea to release system selling games in the summer. and take the fact that the PS3 is still selling at a high price. MGS4 did spiked sales for a while.

kewlkat0073732d ago

the game also had a "BUNDLE" which would help move consoles. I think the game sold well but exactly how many units did it really move? Minus the 80 gig bundles?

Plus the game is taking a Sharp drop, so some of what you say is right about the summer..etc

pwnsause3731d ago

yup forgot about those bundles, if these consoles were aboundant out there, we wouldnt be hearing crap like this.

pwnsause3731d ago

During the holidays, you'll see MGS4 sales rise again.

niall773732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

on a system with only 2 million in japan, in the middle of the summer

thats pretty good if you ask me.

Look for mgs4 to have long legs in america/europe where the ps3 is bigger since you know it will be the game everyone buys when they buy a ps3

fenderputty3732d ago

This isn't the case though since it did move a good amount of units. Its just not a system seller with long legs. We saw a spike in the first week of sales with 80k. The week after, 20k. Last week was 18k.

It clearly sold systems. The sales spike didn't last though.

The Goulet3732d ago

MGS4 will still have decent Christmas sales #s.


Omega43732d ago

MGS4 isnt a system seller period the only reason the PS3 saw a boost in the US is cause people wanted the 80GB system, the game was just a bonus. Its a game for the hardcore only and thoses people got a PS3 at launch

PAPERCHASER03963732d ago

What are you talking about not a system seller a lot of people bought the 40gigs especially with 100 dollar gift cards that were offered when you bought a ps3 just to play MGS4. You could barely find a gamestop or ebgames that had a system on the shelf after the game released" gamestop or ebgames which is same"

clintos593732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

MGS4>>>Any wii & 360 game period. Yeah sales dont show how great a game is, its those who played it and witnessed the best game to come out this next gen. Anyone want to prove me wrong. I have over 100 reviews that gave the game a perfect score, to back up not only my claim and million of other mgs fans but also legendary kojima san and his amazing staff. :)

Sitdown3732d ago

Saying "MGS4MGS4>>>Any wii & 360 game period" is an opinion not a fact.......and to show how bias your opinion is, you would have done better by saying that "MGS4>>>Any wii, 360 game period or other ps3 game". But for the sake of argument lets say that MGS4 is the best is it better to own a console with the best game and hardly no other games...with some being subpar.....or a console that has a lot of games that are average and better?

iamtehpwn3732d ago

then Mario galaxy got higher ratings.

TheExecutive3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

well for one thing I dont remember Clintos ever saying that his opinion was a fact.

Second thing, by metacritics scores the PS3 has the highest rated games of any console

And yeah this is my opinion, but mario galaxy sucked balls.

mesh13732d ago

gears of war 1.mass effect,halo 3,bioshock are all better than mgs4.

iamtehpwn3732d ago

Then you must have ate quite a few bean burritos.

Mario Galaxy was amazing.

Sitdown3731d ago

Well I guess it makes it a good thing that nobody said that Clintos said that it was a fact. The point is that it does not move things along when comments are so biased..I am not on Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo's I have no need to blindly support them.

clintos593731d ago

And how many reviews did mario galaxy get? MGS4 so far has more then 200+ reviews and 180+ of those reviews agree it is AAA-AAAA. So come to me when mario galaxy is being reviewed by more then 200+ reviewers around the world. That just shows how much an impact mgs4 is even if it doesnt sell as well as mario games. Heck even most of the reviews say it is the best next gen game out right now and is one of the greatest games of all time. Heres a list for u of reviews I have been keeping track of mgs4.

103 Perfect Scores As of Now And Updating.
1.Gamespot (US) Review: 10/10
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14.Free Paper Review: 6/10
204 Reviews As of Right Now And Updating.

And there are still more reviews coming in. Tell me when mario galaxy ever reaches this many reviews, till then ill stick with what most reviews say, that this is a masterpiece and the best next gen game thus far and has set the bar for this next gen, and is one of the greatest games of all time. :)

iamtehpwn3731d ago

Not only is posting like that Spam, but its IDIOTIC.
I bought Metal Gear solid 4 and Mario Galaxy.
You are a FANBOY. Post in the god damn Open Zone. Jesus f'in Christ.

clintos593731d ago

Your the idiot trying to tell me super mario galaxy>>MGS4. Dont kid yourself. Mario is awesome but mario galaxy didnt set no standards or bars and isnt mentioned to be the best next gen game. So go cry nintendo a river. And call me a fanboy all u want but I own all 3 systems u tard head.

The wii is an awesome system but it has no games that come close to the level of MGS4 period. Thats the honest truth. Now be gone haterz.

iamtehpwn3731d ago

And you sir, are a Fannnnnnbooiiiii.
I Didn't say Mario Galaxy > MGS4.
I said MGS4 is the not the highest rated game of all time or anything. It ranks #61 out of All games total, and #4 on Playstation 3 in terms of Review scores, according to

I was simply pointing out that review scores did not justify it as the "Greatest game ever", although it's highly enjoyable, and to me, a reason to own a Ps3.

clintos593731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

And if we really want to go by reviews why dont we go with the most popular gaming site and most trust worthy gaming site on the internet.

IGN US MGS4 Review: 10/10
IGN US Mario Galaxy Review: 9.7/10

There u have it, from the most trust worthy game site on the net. Dont get me wrong, super mario galaxy is a great game, but mgs4 isnt just a great game, its a game that has set the bar for many years to come and is considered the best game this next gen for any system. Just watch the IGN video review, as he quotes.

"MGS4 doesnt just set the bar, it obliterates it."

Dats all I had to hear and that was his opening comments on the game. Nuff said.

Like I said call me a fanboy all u want, and if u are saying an MGS4 fanboy then yes I am but it doesnt take a genius to know what game out of MGS4 and Mario Galaxy brings more to the table. Its a no brainer. MGS4 hands down smacks dat rehashing plummer man to the curve with some real next gen gaming expirience. :)

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