Das Gamer: An Interview With Alex Seropian, The Man Behind The Chimp

Das Gamer writes: "Hail to the Chimp, the world's first and only politically-themed, animal-based party brawler has hit shelves. The game allows players to choose between 11 animal candidates vying to become president. While the strong reviews have already begun to flow in, the very fact that the game has made it to market deserves a fair amount of respect. Not that the game's creator, Alex Seropian or his company Wideload had to overcome massive odds or raise themselves up by the bootstraps. Seropian already did that nearly 20 years ago when he founded Bungie in a Chicago garage. Back then Bungie put out games like Gnop!, Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete, and then along came Halo, the game that literally created the Xbox market.

After shipping Halo, Seropian walked away from Bungie/Microsoft halfway through the development of the sequel. "When I came back to Chicago I wasn't doing anything except starting a family, for about six months," says Seropian. "I wasn't sure I wanted to get back into this business because my passion is doing new original stuff and being independent." But in 2003 Seropian founded Wideload, releasing Stubbs the Zombie two years later. Hail to the Chimp, the second title from Wideload, is the latest product of Seropian's drive to create the games he wants to make while the industry moves onto the next sequel. Check out what Seropian had to say about the future of independent games, lucking out on the current election and his concept for the most expensive game of all time. Hit the jump for the full interview."

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