Das Gamer Preview: Black Rock's Jason Avent Talks Some Pure

Das Gamer writes: "When it comes to taking all the beauty earth has to offer and crushing it beneath some knobby vulcanized rubber, few developers have more experience than Black Rock Studios, creators of the ATV Offroad Fury and Moto GP franchises. Now owned by Disney Interactive Studios, the team at Brighton in the United Kingdom have been given carte blanche to push the action even further with Pure, their latest off-road racing title for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

"After working on sim racers for so long, we had a lot of ideas that didn't fit within the framework of those games," explained Jason Avent, director of the game at Black Rock Studios. "The premise of Pure is that four wheel ATVs are fun, they're light and they handle like cars, but they also open up a whole new world of tricks and stunts."

Traditionally, bike games are hard to get into because they focus more on reality than fun. Pure was designed so that anyone can jump onto one of these redneck killers and get that feeling of vertigo right away as they jump off cliffs with 300-foot drops."

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