Das Gamer Interview: Ben Mattes, Producer Of Prince Of Persia

Das Gamer writes: "The Prince of Persia franchise re-erupted on the last generation of hardware, and Ubisoft recently took the wraps off their first next-gen Prince of Persia with some surprising results. First off, this is a completely new prince that actually starts out as a nobody. This game has nothing to do with the Sands of Time storyline, or the upcoming 2009 movie. With a phenomenal fresh take on cel-shaded art, to a new A.I. controlled counterpart, we're dying to get our hands on it. But so far, all we have to go on is a trailer and a few screenshots.

Even though Ubisoft is keeping most of the game under wraps, we demanded more. For this game, former Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones producer Ben Mattes is back at the helm and he gives us a good idea in what to expect in Ubisoft's first foray into a next-gen Prince of Persia. Read the full interview after the jump.

Das Gamer: Where does this game fit in the franchise, and what you guys are doing with it?
Ben Mattes: What we're doing is reinitializing and re-kick-starting the franchise. We're starting fresh in a lot of areas in order to make sure that our next-gen debut is a real bang. It's not just a sequel - we are re-imagining the franchise for next-gen. We have certain brand fundamentals that we don't need to change as drastically because they work. You've got your young hero, who is a swordsman. He's very athletic, agile, and can run on walls. He can run and jump and flip and fight. He does combat, acrobatics, puzzles -you know, those kinds of brand pillars - those are still there."

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