Das Gamer: Airtight's Jim Deal Sheds Some Light On Dark Void

Das Gamer writes: "Capcom, the publisher that's best known for Bionic Commando, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry is serving up a new action game next year in Dark Void. It's an original sci-fi action game from start-up developer Airtight Games, which includes most of the team that brought Crimson Skies to Xbox. (Former head of Microsoft Game Studios, Ed Fries, is a co-founder of Airtight.) Airtight's president, Jim Deal, took some time to talk about the new PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC game, which hits stores in spring 2009.

Das Gamer: Did the development team's background in Crimson Skies influence the creative process for Dark Void?

Jim Deal: Dark Void came about as a natural evolution of some of the things we were talking about doing on Crimson Skies for Xbox, namely getting out of the plane. We had a demo of just that for Capcom early on in the process. We had a lot of game-play in that demo, (on foot, in-airjacking, motorcycles, and giant robots to name a few) but it still needed something. While we were there, Capcom mentioned how we had the opportunity to do more with 3D space than most games, since we had flying. We went back to the office and were discussing the matter with Airtight co-founder Ed Fries. Ed told us that the game was missing something, something to pull everything together. He didn't know what it was but he knew it was missing. He also said that Capcom was giving us a unique opportunity to develop something new and we should take the time to do it right. All the senior staff at the meeting agreed with Ed. The whole while, over on the side, our lead designer, Jose Perez III was turning white. It was easy for most of us to shake our heads, but he had to make it work."

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