Das Gamer Reviews Don King Presents: Prizefighter

Das Gamer writes: "Like most sports, boxing games usually fall into one of two categories: simulations such as the Fight Night series, and silly/arcade-style brawlers, such as PunchOut! But it's hard to tell who the intended audience for Prizefighter is, since it's neither realistic enough for boxing fans, nor silly enough for to make it into the arcade genre. While it has real pugilists - both current (Nate Campbell, Samuel Peter, Andre Berto) and classic (Larry Holmes, Rocky Marciano, Floyd Patterson) - and makes them look enough like real people (at least on the 360) that you'll wince when they get hit particularly hard, the controls are decidedly more of the simple arcade variety, making this play more like a Dead Or Alive-style fighting game (sans the boobs) than a boxing sim. Except that it doesn't go far enough with the arcade play."

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