Das Gamer: Hands On Time With Too Human

Das Gamer writes: "With a botched initial E3 showing to going more or less underground this past March, Silicon Knights has finally released a preview build of their upcoming action/RPG Too Human. Getting to play a quick demo version of the game during GDC isn't always the easiest way to tackle a deep experience such as Too Human, so I put the preview version through its paces in both single player and cooperatively to see how well Silicon Knights has progressed.

The game follows an ancient Aesir war God named Baldur. As Too Human opens, machines are turning on humans and dining on their flesh, an ancient pact has been broken, and a God has taken the life of another God. All this has led to the world falling into utter ruin. If that wasn't bad enough, Baldur learns that his now dead wife was actually murdered. Baldur is quite pissed, and not only is he charged with finding out what is causing all of this unrest, he's avenging his dead wife. Most of the cinemas that would explain a lot of this backstory aren't actually accessible in game, which would help give you clues on what is actually going on. Upon boot-up, make sure you watch the intro (or go to the Cinemas section) for more info."

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