Images of Fable 2

Lionhead releases eight screenshots of Fable 2, just like that. And it looks awesome. The game is still planned to be released on Xbox 360 at the end of the year.

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jkhan3735d ago

The game does look good. Plus the art direction is brilliant. I am sure the game will definitely look better in motion.

Monchichi0253734d ago

This a MUST BUY on the FIRST DAY!!! One of the few RPG's I'm looking forward too!

peksi3734d ago

I'd even say it looks beautiful, a real treat for 360 owners. Is it coming to PC aswell?

supahbad3734d ago

textures are great but the characters are just meh, i bet you're right though it will look better in motion. i want this game

power of Green 3735d ago

"I am sure the game will definitely look better in motion"

^ Most games do even more so on the 360 sence the advanced effects shining and bouncing around the environments are only snap shots of what is going on and can make things confusing or grab a game in a bad time.

dachiefsman3734d ago

"Most games do even more so on the 360" Come on PoG...why turn this into a flamebate thread?

power of Green 3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Thats not flame 360 games use graphical effects more than any other console; so what is seen in pics can be confused more than pics of other consoles.

Example: Some may say hmmm? why are there so many white patches all over the place in these screenshots? but in motion you would easily see that that the rocks are wet and the light is bouncing all over the place.

I can post pics from games from other consoles but that would be flame after all this is a 360 thread ;)

Why turn this into a flamebait thread lol as if I'm saying Fable 2 sucks blah blah blah. I simply said lighting and graphical effects can trick the eye and I'v noticed the 360 makes the most of graphical effects hence the 360 is more prone to this flaw from the web.

dachiefsman3734d ago

I am just saying you are opening yourself up for debate, but then again I think you must get off on it or something.

No need to debate with me cause I am not arguing with yea.

power of Green 3734d ago

Just clearing up the missunderstanding lol.

I don't get off" on trying to deffend my motives after being wrongfully accused of something :)

Egzekutor3734d ago

Thats very interesting what you are saying here .. because so far what the developers have been saying, its XBOX 360 is a barrier for better games, the number of objects etc on the screen has to be decreased because of the 360, that is ofcourse for 3rd party developers. The XBOX 360 is the lead version because its easier to code on, and what you are seeing on those screenshots is infact 360.. so dont say that this is other console screenshot, because 360 is the lead version of probably most of the 3rd party games.

dachiefsman3734d ago

I meant I believe you enjoy debating things and getting people fired up. That is what I meant by the comment "get off".

For example the guy above me!

power of Green 3734d ago

Nope I wish they would visit 360 threads as little as possible let alone wanting them replying to me attacking and posting rubbish posts most of the time. I wish the guy above your post wouldn't do that actually.

Either way this ends up at your original post and my original response.

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MK_Red3734d ago

Holy **** this game looks awesome. Sick stylke. Can't wait.

okcomputer3734d ago

The style does look creative and really nice. These stills look a lot better than that video that was released a few weeks ago too, thats a good sign.

dachiefsman3734d ago

no doubt mk! just hope its got some legs to go along with the graphics.

MK_Red3734d ago

Yeah but that vid was pretty old as I heard even though they just released it few weeks ago.

dachiefsman, agreed but I have full faith in this one. I want to be EVIL and no game really gives that much freedom.

dachiefsman3734d ago

I tried being evil in KOTOR, Jade Empire, and Fable, but I often found it was easier to be nice and more challenging to be evil.

I want some more co-op footage personally.

MK_Red3734d ago

In KOTOR it is indeed a bit harder to be good but Fable was better, still no Fallout or Arcanium but it will do. Hopefully in this one is easier to be evil and not just evil but REALLY BAD EVIL :D

Yeah. I don't like multiplayer but this game's co-op is tempting me to get Live.

mepsipax3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

i haven't really played a game where I can be evil/a complete d*ck except for fallout, and maybe deus ex, I hate when developers hype good/bad relationships, and how it is always a obvious choice between good and evil, there is no in between, it's always kill/don't kill or save/don't save. Hmm some examples, Bioshock, moral decision to kill girls, if didn't kill better benefits, if did kill, not as good benefits, that is not a moral choice, a moral choice is, if you kill the girl you get better benefits than if you don't, that's a moral choice. The evil side should always be easier than the good side, so players actually feel good about being good, a good example of this (don't hate me) is true crime: streets of LA (I know) the bad cop side of things was always easier than the good cop so you actually had to work to be good. anyway fable 2 seems to be shaping up to be pretty good, but if I remember correctly fable was also hyped to hell and I was dissapointed in that game.

dachiefsman3734d ago

yea you make a good point about it being easier to be good than evil.

thenickel3734d ago

Hey nice post and I couldn't agree with you more.

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Xi3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

reminds me of fairy tales and and legends my dad used to tell me as a kid.

ps. the cowering puppy is cute.

Diugu3734d ago

Come come to PC pleeease..

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