Warhawk Trophy News

"New details regarding multiplayer accomplishments."

With the announcement of Firmware 2.40, PS3 owners learned that nine first-party titles would be slated to offer Trophy support. One of those games listed was Warhawk, Incog. Inc's multiplayer flight action game.

IGN contacted Dylan Jobe, producer/director at Incog. Inc., to find out exactly what was going on with the Trophy scheme.

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Bubble Buddy3488d ago

For some reason I can't download the 1.31 patch :S. Any suggestions?

[email protected]3488d ago

Delete the game data (not the save data) install it once again without the Connection be active just to install the game without the patch first. After that quite the game and active ur connection once again and down the patch. It work for me... but its quite a troublesome experience if ur game hold the boosters pack.

whoelse3488d ago

Nothing new here really.

xionpunk3488d ago

Noice, i haven't played much warhawk since metal gear came out. This might get me back in.

TheHater3488d ago

When is the patch coming out so we can have trophies for this game?

Muff1nB4k3r3488d ago

I want to know as well, I felt pretty stupid when I went around all morning after 2.40 debut trying all my games to see if they had an update for trophies, but ended up playing a bit of Warhawk in the end. But as they said with the trophies being retroactive, at least some of them, brings me a fair amount of comfort! Incognito really know how to support their game. Kudos to you Incognito!

Hoping for trophy patches soon!

Mozilla893488d ago

I thought Warhawk would already give me trophies but I guess they haven't patched it yet, but I heard its coming out soon so in preparation I bought the combo booster pack. Really recommend it, especially broken mirror, I had a blast with the new maps and vehicles.

Although I've noticed players with custom colors on their characters like on the knee pads and stuff anyone know how you do that?

Nykamari3488d ago

I never stopped playing this game so TROPHIES ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!Rank, CAPTAIN.

Swatjr1013488d ago

well I guess I'll start playing this again

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