The Sun Review: Buzz! Quiz TV on PS3

The Sun Writes: "There were various different themed quizzes released but this one packs everything onto one disc, being that the PS3 can handle Blu-ray DVDs with much larger memory.

So, you get 5,000 posers split up into Music, Movies/TV, Sports, Knowledge and Lifestyle.

And boy will it take forever to get through all of those, so you don't have that major worry of questions appearing again and again when you already know the answer.

You can either select from the separate quizzes or randomise it to pull bits from each.

But because the PS3 works alongside the PlayStation Store on the PS's online network, it's also used to open up a whole host of downloadable content.

You'll have to pay for the privilege but it gives you greater flexibility to keep the game more interesting in the future."

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eagle213731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I crack myself up.... I will check this out...

@chaosatom..."this one packs everything onto one disc"...yep, Blu-ray rocks!


chaosatom3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )


And reviewers thought that we would never need blue-ray.

cokzilla233731d ago

does anyone know when the game will come out?