No mission mode or online play for Soul Calibur explained - Producer explains how the memory limit meant mission mode was hacked o

OXM UK writes: " producer of the Soul Calibur XBLA port, Robert Johnson, has explained why it's missing the original's mission mode and doesn't have online play.

Despite being a port of the Dreamcast version, its mission mode isn't included in the Xbox Live Arcade version. Johnson explains why.

"We started this project with the full intention of hitting the 150MB size limitation as required by Microsoft," he says. "However, the original game was much larger so we did have to make one major adjustment, and that was to remove the Mission Battle Mode... it wasn't until the end of the project that file size limitations were no longer an issue, but at that point it was too late to put Mission Battle Mode back in."

He also reveals why the decision was made not to include online play for Soul Calibur."

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Fishy Fingers3664d ago

This memory limit cause's me such anguish. I realise it is probably done to keep the Core owners happy but come on, it almost feels like MS decision to release a HDD free SKU has ended up punishing us (pro/elite owners).

Personally I believe the Dreamcast version to be the definitive Soul Caliber, I was super excited to hear it was resurfacing on XBLA, but no online or Mission mode, that's putting me right off buying it.

Very disappointed :(

LostChild3664d ago

Totally agree. MS didn't add a HDD this time because it saw how well the PS2 was selling and how bad the PS2 HDD failed because not to many games supported it. But taking a step backwards is not the way to go and because of this, games are being gimped to suit the non-HDD core owners.

This problem wouldn't be so bad if MS lower those over price HDD already and stop playing around at put the size limit for XBLA at 1g. But everyone is to focus on beating Sony to make good decision these days.

GiantEnemyCrab3664d ago

"it almost feels like MS decision to release a HDD free SKU has ended up punishing us (pro/elite owners)."

You nailed it right there! MS is gimping the whole platform in order to appease some cheapskates who probably don't buy many games anyway.

The non-HD standard is the #2 biggest screw up for MS this gen.

Not buying this title because of it and I really wanted too.

predator3664d ago

i still bought it and loved it...yeah its a pain but its still a damn good port to XBLA...check it out

ActionBastard3664d ago

Calling people "cheapskates" who purchased the Core/Arcade, a product created for and marketed to entry level gamers is ignorant Crab. It was Microsoft's decision and it turns out, it wasn't the best thing to do. Life goes on.

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Th3 Chr0nic3664d ago

wow for a second i thought this was for SCIV and i almost went apeshizit

bloop3664d ago

Me too!!!! Anyway, they've just lost a download here......

iamtehpwn3664d ago

With that stuff removed. Hell, I'd be fine just playing my Copy of SCII for that matter.

power of Green 3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I agree although I figure you have totally different reasons. I'm sure the fans of the franchise will snatch it up regardless of what I think and especially you.

I may change my mind though I do collect the old and the new when I have the new. I have all the Sonics and soon Fables.

Homicide3664d ago

That sucks. It's still a great game though.

kewlkat0073664d ago

No Buy for me...Soul Caliber Arcade port was the best Ever fighter to be ported at the time, it was almost perfect.

This is an insult to the Dreamcast.

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