OXM UK: Soul Calibur Review - Gaming's greatest fighter is now XBLA's biggest bargain

OXM UK writes: "A quick blast has devolved into an afternoon's tournament, and the hands reaching out for the loser's joypad still aren't dwindling: proof then, that Soul Calibur's gameplay is as addictive as ever, as Namco's fighting classic hits XBLA.

The weapon-based combat of SC gives it a unique edge over other beat 'em ups, as the weight and range of the character's chosen weapon dictates their play style, and with a character rooster offering 19 fighters, it means weeks - if not months - of dedicated play to learn them all.

The game includes most of the added game modes that made the original home version such a hit. Versus, Team Battle, Survival, Extra Survival, Time Attack... but sadly there are two omissions."

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