Ars Technica Game Review: Battlefield: Bad Company

Ars technica writes: "It has taken me some time to finish this review simply because this is a game that has its own personality. That's something odd to say about a war game these days; the market is saturated by 'em, and shouldn't that make the review easier? Not really. The controls here are quirky, but you can get used to them in time. This is a Battlefield game, but it has a strong single-player campaign. The multiplayer is a blast, but there is only one game mode available at launch. What do you make of all these things when you add them together?

The reason I feel so positively about the game is that when I think about playing it, I think about how the game feels, not about any particular flaw. This is a game featuring a brand-new engine called Frostbite, and it allows for some amazing destruction in the environments. Hide inside a building and expect a grenade or rocket to take down a wall. A group of enemy soldiers strafing your hiding place with fire? You'll see trees come down. This is a game with a rather interesting take on health and dying-I've detailed it here if you're interested-but even then you'll feel hunted. Everything I have described so far is visual, but make no mistake: this is a game that lives in the audio."

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