StarCraft Retrospective

Loot Ninja writes:

"With the announcements of StarCraft 2, it got me reminiscing of the good old days of the original StarCraft. The game was developed by our good friends over at Blizzard and is perhaps one of the best real time strategy games ever made and definitely paved the way for many more strategy games like it. StarCraft first came onto the video game scene in March of 1998 for Windows and then a year later for Mac (back then Mac got no love). The story of StarCraft revolves around three main races: the Protoss, the Zerg and the Terrans. Each of the three races was fighting for dominance of the universe and would stop at nothing to achieve this."

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taz80803696d ago

Starcraft is the stepping stone for all other RTS games to come after it. SC2 will set another precedence for all games to come after it.

drunkpandas3696d ago

Yeah StarCraft did a lot for RTS games. I was about to get back into it, but there's an issue with NVIDIA 8600 and 8800 video cards on Mac making both StarCraft and Diablo 2 not run. Boo

taz80803696d ago

Starcraft on the N64 was a bad idea, they need ot leave this game on PC only. Consoles do not deserve SC.

drunkpandas3696d ago

That's why StarCraft Ghost went bye bye. Haha

taz80803696d ago

yeah Starcraft Ghost went from hype galor to what was that game again?

Luca Blight3696d ago

"Nu...Nu...Nu...Nu...Nucl ear launch detected" right before you hit your opponent with 5 nukes for the humiliation factor.

iceman28853696d ago

I completely forgot about nuking people with like 5 ghosts and getting the Nu Nu Nu Nu Nuclear launch detected.

Heck, I used to love pretty much all of the sound bites from the games different units.

"My life for Aiur" (Zealot I believe)
"Need a light?" (FireBat)
"BakBarkBak" (that the guardian barking)
And many many more

Luca Blight3696d ago

I can't wait to hear the new soundbites from SC2. A couple more classics -

"Ready to roll out!"
"You lookin at me boy?"
"Battlecruiser operational"
"Goliath online"

taz80803696d ago

Th Protosshad great lines, but Ialways liked the Terran Drop ship with te line form Aliens, "We're in for some chop!"

iceman28853696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

I think my personal favorites came from the Dragoons. I don't even think I can accurately portray some of the stuff they said in words. Man, all this talk about Starcraft and we still have to wait like 6 more months minimum for Starcraft II, argh.

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El_Colombiano3696d ago

Bubbles for you all! Starcraft has to be the best RTS ever made! I love the siege tanks when in siege mode and a horde of golioths with them for anti-air attacks!

Luca Blight3696d ago

you got me to 9 bubbles! I'm in a bubbling mood as well!

drunkpandas3696d ago

Well, since everyone is doing it... :)

El_Colombiano3696d ago

Sweet! You also got me to 7 bubbles! Do you go up in bubbles every time somebody gives you a bubble, or is it an accumulation of bubbles that take you to a higher bubble number?

Luca Blight3696d ago

LTUS=Let This User Speak

+1 LTUS - 4 bubbles
+3 LTUS - 5 bubbles
+6 LTUS - 6 bubbles
+10 LTUS - 7 bubbles
+15 LTUS - 8 bubbles
+21 LTUS - 9 bubbles

I'm not sure if that's the exact scale though

drunkpandas3696d ago

Could be the case, I'm not sure. I think I've been at 7 bubbles for a while now...

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