10 Things We Still Want in PlayStation 3 Firmware (i.e. NOT In-Game XMB)

Sony's latest PlayStation 3 firmware update 2.4 brought what the fanboys have been crying about since the console's inception-in-game access to the console's Cross Media Bar (XMB). In-game XMB is fine and dandy, yes, but there were more pressing issues that Sony should have fixed first. Here are 10 of them.

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Jamie Foxx3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

the rest are just silly and being overly picky

background folding at home is a really smart idea though

Lifendz3666d ago

but having in-game xmb was my major concern. Everything else is icing on the cake.

xhairs93666d ago

None of those points (including the background folding at home) was more needed than In-Game XMB. Though the folding at home background would be sweet, I have yet to even use it once.

boodybandit3666d ago

These are lame.
The only thing I want for PSN is in game private chat. I prefer private chat to the open mic. Cross game invites would be nice as well but private chat is a real need for me personally.

Jack Meahoffer3666d ago

Next would be auto shutdown after downloads completed or game controlers charge.

Those and the already announced video store and HOME. Then the PS3 will be complete.

AceLuby3666d ago

I personally hate (absolutely hate) private voice chat. It's on the 360 and is one of the reasons I don't play on live anymore. You join a team game where your team consists of private chats so you can't communicate w/ your teammates... Might as well not have mics. I also had a couple times where I only heard one half of the conversation. It was incredibly annoying.

Why not use mics for what they are used for (communicating w/ teammates) and PHONES for what they are intended for. Hell you could have one bluetooth for your PS3 and another for your phone... problem solved... though you may look like a cyborg ;)

instantstupor3666d ago

"The PS3's primary standby mode is super low energy. But if you want to access Remote Play (XMB, pictures, etc) through the PSP, it's suddenly sucking as much power as five refrigerators just sitting there."

If you turn on the wake-on-lan ability it's not just sitting on and it's not in the full blown, energy bill dominating fridge killer mode either. It's not as super low energy as primary standby, but it isn't *that* much more to have the wifi running.

Now, what I agree with is auto-install, controller charge w/o PS3 having to be completely on, and that account access should be moved to (or at least accessable in) the Store. It is annoying to go buy something, get to checkout and realize that your a buck short or something and then have to leave the store, open up another page, scroll to the option to add funds, leave, go back to store and then get your content. Just throw the ability to add funds to your wallet from the store and I'm set.

Everything else he brought up was pretty lame. In game access to the web? Yeah, it'd be nice but that takes a lot of memory man. Nor is that something I want them to waste time on. If you really need a walkthrough just get out your laptop/desktop and print something if necessary (heck, PSP even works for that if you've got one since most walkthroughs are just text documents).

Honestly, this isn't constructive, it's just a list comprised mostly of unnecessary niceties. Instead focus other things. Focus on Home. Heck, focus on improving the dev kits to make devs lives easier and our games better. I'd say that I could use the majority of these suggestions to make a "Sony, focus your energy on areas OTHER than these" list.

iamtehpwn3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Due to RAM constraints. Consoles(360/Ps3) don't have enough RAM to support Web browsing and gaming at the same time. Or other In-game features, all difficult to do, due to small amount of RAM.

Doppy3665d ago

I agree we don't NEED any of this, but it would be nice to have.

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Salvadore3666d ago

Some points are understandable, but the rest are just plain stupid, like for example "real keyboard support" for titles. There are 3rd party peripherals and ok, suits some titles, but if you want that, go play games on the PC instead.

Panthers3666d ago

Yup. Plus it could unbalace online games.

whoelse3666d ago

The problem with articles like these are that it makes you appreciate the current firmware less.

The Wood3666d ago

auto shutdown for pads and download in standby mode and if that isnt possible an auto shutdown after downloads are completed and maybe a expandable xmb similar to windows start menu where only the most used lines in the xmb are shown but the others can be brought up with some kinda prompt

PikkonX3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I also would like an auto shutdown for the system itself after a certain timeframe. That way I can put in a Blu-ray movie while I'm going to sleep and doze off comfortably, knowing that my room won't transform into a sauna by morning time.

jamesrocks31473666d ago

1. voice chat over all games....... i mean come on sony
2. video store
3. screenshot/record video in game (youtube)
4. improve the look of the trophie cards a bit maybe
5. not FW related but... sony should push developers for trophies and music in game off the XMB and also sony needs to advertise PSN more also with a PS3 price drop and to explain why ps3 is more expensive then xbox they need to stress out ps3 comes with blu-ray ,wifi, bigger hard drive and free PSN bulit in.

if these are done with action sooner better then later ps3 is going to rock who agrees?

Rich16313666d ago

Yeah, I want your point 1 so bad. My friend and I like to chit chat while playing different games.

AllroundGamer3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

yeah voice chat is pretty much the top priority for many PS3 owners (and i hope for Sony too), it should work just like the private chat functionality on Xbox360, you send chat request, and then it doesn't matter what you are doing on the console, you will stay connected to that person till someone ends the Chat. That is the one feature i really like on the xbox360.

Jack Meahoffer3666d ago

Nice list. No question real voice chat is number 1.

rucky3666d ago

Sony has implemented Skype on the PSP, I don't see why they can't use their program here.

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