Netjak reviews Metal Gear Solid 4

Joh Zeitler reports:

'' Since 1998's revival of the series, the title "Metal Gear" has been synonymous with three things: stealth, story, and confusion. Stretching even further back to its MSX debut, Metal Gear's tale of conspiracy, science fiction, and espionage action has only become more convoluted and all-encompassing in the intervening ten years. With the release of the fourth chapter, the curtain closes on the hero close to many gamers' hearts, but the culmination of over twenty years of gaming history and fifty years of real-life history brings with it a bittersweet victory.

The game opens five years after the end of the Big Shell incident, as portrayed in Metal Gear Solid 2. Snake - rapidly aging for an initially unrevealed reason - continues his fight to end the horrific proliferation of the Metal Gear mobile weaponry platform. The battlefield, he muses, has changed: standing armies are now the exception in combat, rather than the primary actors. The majority of modern warfare by the game's alternate-future 2014 is done by private military contractors (PMCs), mercenary corporations fighting proxy wars for the highest bidder. The five most highly decorated of these PMCs are covertly under the control of a single backer, named Outer Heaven-- the same organization that Big Boss' heir apparent "Liquid Ocelot", would use to attempt (seeming) global domination. What's worse, non-nuclear, autonomous versions of the Metal Gear-- named GEKKO-- roam the battlefields with impunity. With time running out for the world and himself, Snake's final mission takes him from the war zones to the streets, and from the past to the future. ''

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-Maverick-3732d ago

FAIL Bots.

Go take your homemade BS somewhere else. MGS4 owned EVERYTHING.

chewy3173732d ago

sigh mgs4 meta score dropped to 94 due to this stinky review...
mgs4 review scores are weird though, unlike ohter AAA titles which has scores that are consistent like 100,100,99,99,,98,95, MGS4 Has 100,100,100,100,85,80,80,80,80

of course there are A LOT more 100s.... than 80s...

nycredude3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

The discrepancy in the scores are because this is an Exclusive and not on both consoles. Therefore you have alot sites that are either fanboys or just don't like the series at all reviewing it. just read some of these bad reviews. All the negative points are what made all the MGS games great! Trust me if this was a multi-console game it would be like 99.9% average, but then again if it was multi kojima wouldn't have been able to make the game that great.. so oh well.

Even if you don't like the series there is still no doubting the quality that oozes from this game. Anyone who fails to see it is either a fanboy, hate the series, or plain blind, all of which is reason enough for them to not review this game.

BTW there are so many more 10s not even listed on metacritic. I think metacritic is kind of wierd in that they don't included alot of reviews!

Who cares, buy the game, play the game and get blown away!

And when you are done, play it again and then you have MGO!