Tech Radar:Top 10 graphics cards

July 2008 was the month that the graphics card industry took another big leap forward. Nvidia launched a new range of 200-series cards, with the record-breaking GeForce GTX280 leading from the front.

But ATI has been busy also, and has likewise launched a new batch of supercards. The interesting thing is that ATI and Nvidia have both taken very different routes with their new generation of graphics chips

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WiiJunkii3548d ago

Its true, dual 512MB 8800GT's in SLI will run anything but Crysis beautifully on most displays. As far as performance for your money is concerned, this is a pretty inexpensive way to get just about any game running real smooth on your machine without needing a kilowatt power supply.

Though the 280's are pretty sick, especially when you factor in their performance benefits with applications in addition to unrivaled gaming benchmarks.

I've read that all of Adobe's CS4 software will be built to utilize cards with this sort of (insane) architecture.

Maybe nVidia can enjoy a piece of Intel's Pie afterall.

Vip3r3548d ago

I'm hoping to get an ATI 4870 soon.

Zodiak273547d ago

I Like ATI Also... x2"s are sweet!

SaiyanFury3547d ago

The ATI cards listed are an awesome bargain, but I really enjoy eVGA's (an nVIDIA producer) products. I just picked up a 9800GTX KO for 210 dollars off of a few weeks ago and it was a smoking deal. I have my card OC'd to 800MHz for the GPU and 2456MHz for the memory and it just screams. Oblivion on the highest settings runs at a constant 60FPS in all but the most densely bushed areas. I can't say for Crysis or other popular FPS games since I don't play those kinds of games. All I know is that I got a great deal on this baby, and I'm glad I got it.