PS4 Exclusive Games Showreel 2015 Trailer Released

Sony shows us some big PlayStation 4 exclusive games for 2015. Also on board: Uncharted 4, Bloodborne and The Order: 1886.

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DarkOcelet1440d ago

2015 will belong to the PS4 and that trailer proves it.

Abash1440d ago

Damn that trailer shows that you need to have a PS4 in 2015 with all those awesome exclusives releasing

MrSec841439d ago

Yep and I'm calling it now, Alienation will destroy Halo 5, Housemarque are a very talented bunch, Sony should buy them, Resogun is awesome and if possible Alienation looks even better.

Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank, Bloodborne, Rime, WiLD, Tearaway Unfolded, I mean those would make for an awesome 2015, probably keep ya very busy for the year, but there's so many more.
No doubt Sony probably has a few surprises up their sleeves too, but even if they don't nothing can touch what PS4's got coming!

The only other platform I can want this year is a Wii U because I must play Zelda, Starfox, Splatoon and a load of it's backlog of games.

I think nothing else is necessary for this generation at this point.
PS4 is definitely my main source of gaming, so glad I have it already and can just focus on getting and playing the games I have to have off of the pile of gems they're releasing this year.

Such a great time to be a gamer!

Mainman1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

The only exclusive I am hyped for is Uncharted 4. Other than that I am eagerly waiting for the Division and MGS:V.

I forgot about Street fighter V, but not sure if that is a 2015 title though.

lifeisgamesok1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

I disagree

2015 is still up for grabs

i think Halo 5, Ori, Fable Legends, Cuphead, State of Decay, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza 6, Below, and Quantum Break compares very well to this PS4 montage

DarkOcelet1440d ago

Give me a game that will be challenging and rewarding like Bloodborne and then we will talk and dont tell me Fable because the last 3 games were a cakewalk. And you dont have Persona V so thats also a big plus besides there is still more exclusives that arent mentioned in that video.

DigitalRaptor1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

The funny thing is dude… You mention Ori, Cuphead, State of Decay, Below.

Then I add in The Tomorrow Children, Dreamfall Chapters, The Witness, Persona 5, Hellblade, RiME, Kingdom Under Fire II, Grim Fandango, Broken Age, Alienation, Drawn To Death, Titan Souls, Hotline Miami 2, Disgaea 5, Fat Princess Adventures, The Forest, Killing Floor 2, Amplitude, Volume, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, N++, The Talos Principle, SOMA, Helldivers, ABZU, Kill Strain, Dragon Quest Heroes, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, No Man's Sky, Wander and suddenly the scales tip unshakeably back to PS4 territory.

2015 unequivocally belongs to PS4, and for it to belong to Xbone, Microsoft would have to announce about 20-30 more games of all shapes and sizes for this year. If you think that's happening you need help. Thank you and good night.

Damn, look at those disagrees. Seek help.

freshslicepizza1440d ago

its always funny people arguing about what they think is best whereas if you have the money there is no need to argue and that time could be spent someone better. like playing the games. if you own a wii u, ps4, xbox one and a pc you're in total bliss not caring about all these dumb list wars and trying to prove to yourself and everyone around you that you've made the right choice.

but yeah, the ps4 will have some great titles in 2015

thanhgee1440d ago


Games that are scheduled to be released in 2015:

Halo 5
Fable Legends
State of decay
Rise of the tomb raider
Forza 6
Quantum Break

Uncharted 4
The order 1886
Deep down
Ratchet and clank
Persona 5
The tomorrow children
Killing floor 2
Until dawn
Yakuza 0
Disgaea 5
Everybodys gone to the rapture
MLB The show 15
Tearaway unfolded
Dragon quest
No man's sky
The witness
Gran turismo 7?

The way you word it is funny, "compares very well to this PS4 montage". Yes the montage, but not the overall list of games that are scheduled for 2015.

Emrage1440d ago


xbox one:

State of decay = on pc also
Rise of the tomb raider = timed exclusive
Forza 6 = not announced
Below = on pc also


Killing floor 2 = on pc also
No man's sky = timed exclusive for a while than pc
Dragon quest = like on every platform

And you missed a lot of games like:
Kingdom Under Fire II
Grim Fandango
The Forest
The Talos Principle
Broken Age
Dreamfall Chapters
Fat princess

and probaly more

FanboyKilla1440d ago Show
Ninver1439d ago

Oh for crying out loud keep on topic. The ps4 looks to have the best exclusives in 2015.

mmcglasson1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Halo 5... ehhh. I like Fable but that game has a lack of depth for an RPG. Not sure about State of Decay (sounds awesome but haven't heard of it). Rise of the Tomb Raider isn't an exclusive and I will be getting that on PS4 even if I have to wait. I hate that MS was able to get that game as a timed exclusive... especially since Tomb Raider originated on PS. It's pretty disrespectful to Sony (however different people own the franchise now).

Forza will be good as always. Haven't seen or heard of Below. Quantum Break will likely be good.

I am pumped for my PS4 exclusives coming out though.

MrSec841439d ago

At this point 97 people disagree with you, PS4 owns 2015 already and in all likelihood the games announced so far probably don't account for everything either.

As for your list, Forza 6 hasn't even been announced yet, Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive, will no doubt come to PS4 and PC at least, if not PS3 also in 2016, there's no way SE are keeping that game off of the platforms where they'll sell the most copies.

State of Decay, Ori, Below and Cuphead are going to be available on at least one other platform.

For every games that XBox One has that's not on PS4, PS4 has about 2X the number of games in a similar position.
For Tomb Raider PS4 has timed exclusivity for Hellblade and No Man's Sky and full, lifetime console exclusivity of Street Fighter 5, which may be out in 2015 and Capcom has already said that they aren't doing any additional games, they don't have the resources too.

As it stands XB1 has 3 true exclusives, they are Halo 5, Fable and Quantum Break, Sony has 14 games, with the potential for another 3 or 4 games that have already been announced to get 2015 release dates and like I said they probably have a number of others.

2015 is all Sony's, absolute best line-up, even without counting games also releasing on PS3, Vita or PC, those are just a very thick layer of icing on this gorgeous tasting cake.
I can't wait!!!

BG115791439d ago

The trailer didn't convince me... But DigitalRaptor's list did!!!

So when is Deep Down coming out already? We may probably add this one in too.

JMyers1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Forza 6? When was this announced? I like how TR is counted as an exclusive.

The games in that montage are a small snippet of what is coming in 2015 to PS4. What is exclusive to MS in the next 6 months? They will go for the big holiday push with marketing deals, content first and a lower price... and this will only serve them well in the UK an the US. The PS4 not only has more exclusives, but variety and world wide gamer appeal.

Strange how Indies are counted towards MS's 2015 line up, but not PS4's 2014 line up? There is still a multitude of Indies which will only be on PS4.

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LOGICWINS1440d ago

2015 will belong to the gamers who have as many consoles and games as possible so they don't miss out on any great experiences.

DarkOcelet1440d ago

Because everyone can afford every console out there and their games lol. Besides its all about what people like and the PS4 seems to have a much better and more variety than any console out there.

AceBlazer131440d ago

however should someone be only able to afford 1 console the ps4 looks like the best bet.

radler1440d ago


lol, your comment is far too reasonable and levelheaded for an article like this.

PsBoxGamer1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

I agree.Its nice to own all 3 so we wouldn't miss nothing.

uth111440d ago

Funny thing, having the money for all the consoles usually means having a job and not having the time to play all those game systems.

LOGICWINS1440d ago

"Because everyone can afford every console out there and their games lol."

Obviously not EVERYONE can afford to do that. Thats common sense. Half the world doesn't know where their next meal is coming from. I never argued against that.

"however should someone be only able to afford 1 console the ps4 looks like the best bet."

Its all about perspective. If someone wants to play the new Zelda or Zenoblade in 2015, the Wii U will be the best option...for them.

crashbash1440d ago


So what you're saying is, people who only have one console don't have a job?

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Jaqen_Hghar1440d ago

They didn't even mention Hellblade or Ratchet and freakin Clank! A man is gonna get Ratchet, the Order, and Uncharted on launch day

GameDev11440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Thats not even the full list, thats just the blog writers list

There is still possibly

Ratchet and Clank
MLB 15
Drawn to Death
Street Fighter Ultra
Dragon Quest
Disgea 5
Deep Down
The Forest
Pretty sure am missing some

Lots of other announcements Sony studios or third parties might also make

PsBoxGamer1440d ago

You work hard so you can game even harder!

SeanScythe1440d ago

Whatever happened to helldivers?

OB1Biker1440d ago

I think its 2016 release. I think we could see Shadow of the Beast this year though, well I hope so

Genuine-User1440d ago

In my opinion, even 2014 belonged to the PS4.
PS4 recieved the most diverse software of any current gen console.

thisismyaccount1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

I literally just finished watching the PSX U4 Demo (fixed colors) and.... dunno how to put this in words, but i was blown away this time around.

During the event i kinda felt underwhelmed, not sure how to express why or what made me think of that (it was the same gamersyde video), i just felt "okay".

Today though i decided to pay more attention to the little things (assets). And dunno how or why, the video looked muuuuch better, more sharper and/or cleaner to me, the onyl con i have in general with today games :

"no destructible environments, bullet/grenade explosion "impacts"... < this is were everyone has to step up their game.(The Order 1866 would look much better if you saw the destruction you caused with the shotgun....)

Wonder how much better TLOU2 will look like, being the first a linear-corridro TP game.. they should be able to crank the fidelty even further! In other words : Re-watch the U4 PSX Demo again :)

OB1Biker1440d ago

lol I was jumping up and down the first time so happy to see Uncharted with the mind blowing gameplay IMO
Since I watched a few times and every time feeling impressed.
Im just hoping theres much variety like in the previous games and not only on the island.

SeanScythe1439d ago

What is impressive is when you go back and watch uncharted 1,2,3 gameplay and see the difference. It's really mind blowing.

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JMaine5181440d ago

Shut and take my money! Wow 2015 is going to be good. Let's just hope we leave 2014 behind. If a game is not ready please don't release it. We will understand.

DarkOcelet1440d ago

I also hope they leave the last gen behind so we can tap the amazing potential of the new consoles.

Majin-vegeta1440d ago

Man Sony starting 2015 with some goodness

chrissx1440d ago

2015 gonna be a blockbuster year for Ps4 gamers

snookiegamer1440d ago

>>S*H*O*T*S F*I*R*E*D<<

Lool jus' kiddin' ...I'm lucky enough that I can enjoy all the games on all the gen 8 systems this year!

Thanks to Santa ;o))

BlackPhillip6661440d ago

Same here m8 own everything and get to enjoy each platform. It would be a dull life without variety ;).

Majin-vegeta1440d ago

Good thing PS4 offers me a bit o everything ehh??;)