More Metroid E3 evidence

Recently we all saw Retro studios redesign their website with a new look, only weeks before E3.

Now this week we saw...

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Real gamer 4 life3613d ago

i would definitly purchase that wii.

Drakol3613d ago

I don't have a Wii as of yet... But I will have that ONE as my first =)

lynta3613d ago

got sold for 700 dollars i think

Bigbangbing3613d ago


700 just for paint and logo !

theusedfake3613d ago

if it looked like kraid or ridley

mepsipax3613d ago

that's good, I mean great, but I've still got this little feeling of dissapointment, I really wanted retro to make an IP, they really are an amazing studio, combining core Japanese gameplay with a western twist.

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The story is too old to be commented.