Digital Extremes to assist on BioShock PS3

2K Games has announced that well established video game developer Digital Extremes will be assisting on development of the PS3 version of BioShock. The studio will be working alongside 2K Marin, 2K Boston, 2K Australia.

"By partnering with Digital Extremes, 2K Games is delivering a fully optimized experience that takes advantage of the PLAYSTATION 3 system hardware," said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. "Bringing Digital Extremes on board allows us to continue to deliver the best experience possible to our fans."

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mikeslemonade3734d ago

I'm looking forward to experiencing the definitive version of Bioshock this fall on the PS3.

SixTwoTwo3734d ago

October and November are both loaded with very promising titles on the PS3. Anybody with a PS3 knows what I'm talking about. Bioshock is just one of them. I wonder if it will be showcased at E3?

Fishy Fingers3734d ago

2K have confirmed that Bioshock (PS3) will be at E3.

Shroomy3734d ago

But you'll be getting one hell of a game! Rent it though, no real replayability since you never really die.

GiantEnemyCrab3734d ago

Definitive version? Are they re-releasing it on PC?

If by definitive you mean left-overs then yeah sure I guess.

kazuma3734d ago

so, if by left-overs u mean the version with more content probably not available elsewhere then i'd say ps3 owners should be glad they're gonna get the left-overs.

JBaby3433733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Left-overs that are better than the first. That must suck for you. Why haven't you jumped out yet? I'm curious to see at E3 how this is looking.

Doppy3733d ago

@ 1.1

October and November are getting too crammed with games. They need to spread some love to other months. August, September, and December could use some of these games.

mistertwoturbo3733d ago

Tordavis, why not GiantEnemyCrab as fanboy of the Month? He's returned from his 15 day departure after being suspended from n4g.

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SUP3R3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

2K is really going all out on the PS3 version. Probably incorporating a lot of things they previously couldn't because of time constraints.

Fishy Fingers3734d ago

They also have much more storage to play with. Hence getting all the DLC bundled on the disc.

SixTwoTwo3734d ago

I think they realize that they have a huge oppurtunity here. If they make the right moves with this version they could sell a couple million more copies. But to do that they have to give the people who already finished it last year an incentive to buy and play through it again. And apparently there are 4 studios working on it so we could be in for a huge surprise.

JBaby3433733d ago

All of you make good points. They have a great opportunity with this. As acclaimed as the game was on 360 making it better with more features and DLC included will not only entice PS3 people but also 360 people who are curious. If they make significant changes for the better they certainly stand to benefit.

deeznuts3733d ago

I love my PS3, but damn how hard is it where you gotta have 4 teams working on it????? :D

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Time_Is_On_My_Side3734d ago

With all these developers on one game I just wonder how the final product will turn out. At first I just thought it might have been a port but with all this help it has me hooked. I just hope it isn't too late to incorporate trophies.

Fishy Fingers3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Well the first leaked trophy footage (dev kit) was running/displaying Bioshock and it's trophies (well they didnt have any at that time obviously) So yes, Bioshock will support trophies :)

eagle213734d ago

Bioshock on PS3 will support trophies.

On wikipedia they have that is will also support playstation HOME. I guess E3 will reveal if HOME support is true or not.

This article seems to confirm some serious TLC (tender loving care)given to Bioshock on PS3. I am happy to hear this from 2K.

avacadosnorkel3734d ago

2K brings in help.

Too bad Dark Sector was a generic game

Dark General3733d ago

Dark Sector got reviewed pretty harshly. I own the game and it's a solid 8 nothing more but nothing really less either. I didn't really experience any of those bugs the reviewers said it had. The game looked incredibly as well on the Ps3 and ran pretty good. I'm glad they are helping 2k out with things since i trust them.

mistertwoturbo3733d ago

Dark Sector was a good game with a bland story. The combat made up for most of it. It's like the Ninja Gaiden of 3rd person shooters.

Vip3r3734d ago

Is it possible for them to make the game run on a different engine rather than UE3?

Fishy Fingers3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Possible, yes of course. But why? Bioshock looks and plays gorgeously on both the PC and 360 and I imagine it will be the same with the PS3.

UE3 gets to much flak (cannon ;)), I know it feels like its become over used but done correctly its a fantastic engine that has created some fantastic titles (and a few stinkers o_O).

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