Use emulators on PS3 with Swap Magic

A member of made it a bit clearer how to use emulators on the PS3 using Swap Magic. The tutorial is located on the bottom so scroll down a bit to view it.

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Pornlord3666d ago

This article only proves to me that they could Give us all ps2 emulation through software with ease.

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kingme713665d ago

I play a ton of PS2 games that I missed last gen.

BLuKhaos3665d ago

Im with kingme on this one,Im still looking for P3 FES,and the MGS essentials.

Pornlord3665d ago

I still play Persona, Odin's Sphere, Suikoden V, Shadow of the Colossus... the list goes on. PS2 is a great system, sure it's not as high tech as this gen systems, but it's got an AMAZING library of games. I play my PS2 a lot still.

kingme713665d ago

Unfortunately for me I missed alot of the last gen with new kids and whatnot and didn't even own a console, so pretty much anything PS2 is new to me.

I've been playing the MGS Essentials (I plan on completing before playing MGS4) and alot of the ones you guys have mentioned too. Still have alot of cheap $10.00-$15.00 PS2 games I picked up used that I haven't gotten to yet.

Lord_Ash3665d ago

I just bought persona 3 fes, also I'm playing ICO, SOTC, Trapt and allot of ps2 games. so like most gamers I think BC is important

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kazuma3665d ago

they should just get rid of the country lock on ps1 and ps2 games

gungnir133665d ago

Agreed! If only they could.

season0073665d ago

and maybe they simply can't do it

SSJSubgeta3665d ago

I believe they could and could benefit Sony in the long run. Having such an extensive line for PS2 titles is a plus. A plus to the gamer is having that option to play those title missed that are now affordable at a cheaper price tag then the release retail rate.

It is easy for them to remove it. Look at all the boot methods used on previous consoles. Sony can implement a boot option in the OS. As well have that option for the user to enable or disable.

Baka-akaB3665d ago


JRPGs .... every one out so far on next gen consoles are crap compared to their ps2 competitors .

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The story is too old to be commented.