NWR reviews Arkanoid DS

Zachary Miller reports:

''I was elated when I received Arkanoid DS for review. I was a huge fan of the original game, Breakout, and then the shameless rip-off, Arkanoid. The concept has been revisited a few times since the 80's, most memorably in the forms of Alleyway and Kirby's Block Ball in the 90's. Here's the basic concept: there's a vertical field with lots of blocks at the top, and you control a laterally-moving paddle on the bottom. You deflect a ball off the paddle to hit and clear blocks up top. Clear a stage, go to the next stage. Repeat ad nauseam. It's been 22 years since Arkanoid gobbled our quarters in the arcade; Taito just released an update! Surely, they've managed to spruce up the package…right?''

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