GameShark: Afro Samurai Preview

Forget movie-licensed games-pulling from television is all the rage now. Afro Samurai continues a trend that sees more and more games based on popular televised programs, particularly those that are animated, make their way into the world of videogames. The blood-soaked saga of an unlikely samurai makes for an ideal game premise, which is why Namco-Bandai has eagerly taken up development of a hack-and-slash adventure based on the stylish series.

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john-833701d ago

from looking at the screen pics this looks like it may actually be quite good

MK_Red3701d ago

I love Afro. One of the best (and very few) animes I've ever seen. Bloody, violent and AWESOME. Can't wait.

You don't get lots of blood n gore, Samuel L Jackson and Samuaris in one place too often :D

john-833701d ago

i definitely agree with you on that, great anime so hopefully this will live upto it

Rhezin3701d ago

That's why I'm gettin it, engine within an engine that reads the intensity of RZA's hard hitting beats to the animations and AI difficulty.