Rumour: Man spills guts on Diablo III beta

VG247: Um. See for yourself.

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Cusco3615d ago

Why did this get approved?
The guy is clearly an attention whore, he's funny to watch however (mainly because he's an idiot).

Vecta3615d ago

Yeah, the videos of him playing the game are fake, they are the same shots taken from the actual 19min gameplay trailer.

DirtyLary3615d ago

this is who they are picturing.

Daxx3615d ago

I fell for it yesterday until he released some videos saying it was all a hoax and that he never had cancer.

Nuvian3615d ago

Wow how did this even get approved, he said it was fake him self yesterday ffs.

Daxx3615d ago

A smart and funny fat nerd pig to be exact.

Kirstenlottesovs3615d ago

okay.. I tried submitting this 2 days ago when it ACTUALLY WAS NEWS! i then got hammered with reports, and got 0 approves. Now, this dumbass gets it submitted even though youtube have 10+ vids showing how much of a fraud this guy actually is.. W T F!

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