Q&A: Tilted Mill Talks Children of the Nile

In 2004, Massachusetts-based developer Tilted Mill Entertainment released Children of the Nile, a city building game set in ancient Egypt.

The title was published by Myelin Media in North America and Sega in Europe, but Tilted Mill has now announced its reacquisition of the publishing license, and its plan to re-release Children of the Nile as an enhanced version, with new content in development.

City building is Tilted Mill's stock in trade - founded by genre veteran Chris Beatrice, it has also developed the recent SimCity Societies as well as Caesar IV, the latest game in the long-running series - Beatrice played a major role in the development of earlier Caesar titles as well.

In advance of the studio's announcement, Gamasutra spoke with Beatrice to get some perspective on the deal, the studio's plans for Children of the Nile, as well as thoughts on the role of the PC in today's game market.

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