India Gets First Wii Title, Console Nowhere To Be Found

With the Nintendo Wii nowhere to be seen officially as far as India is concerned, the country will soon see its first official Wii game this week. Milestone Interactive, PlayStation India's largest distributor, is testing the demand for "import" Wiis by bringing select Wii titles to the market, as many wonder if this is a precursor to an official launch in India.

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Tony240ZT3615d ago

I can't find a Wii in stores here either.

Old Snake3615d ago

Lol games but no console

TheFreak3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

what?lol poor ppl.they are getting a wii game in stores before the wii is in stores lol so wii console and the game they are getting is the overhyped bad game alone in the dark.OMG I feel sorry for them...