Rock Band 2's 80+ tracks set to be announced at E3

58 has been done before. 60 is too small of a jump. 70 is getting closer, but still isn't awe inspiring. Now 80, 80 is a number that can be celebrated and a number that accurately describes the number of master tracks that will be included with Rock Band 2.

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americanGTA3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I cant wait to see what else they are gonna add to rockband 2

Do do we know what the projected release date is? (for ps3 and wii)?

Ex The God3735d ago

This is straight from Wikipedia

"The game will be released in North America on Xbox 360 in September 2008, with Wii, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 versions released later in the year." So between September and December

blackboyunltd3735d ago

this is definitely going to be fire

MTV president Van Toffler mentioning that they plan to take the Rock Band platform and open it up to “the genres of music to country, hip-hop and R&B”.
-I hope this leads to more Beastie Boys, Rage against the Machine, and Linkin Park

co_ray3735d ago

they don't open it up to hip hop, R&B, or even country. It's a rock game(it even says it in the name!), if they do, I'll go back to Guitar Hero. Rock Band needs to stay with rock, give me more metallica(i heard the entire new album will be on rock band), give me Led Zep, Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Beatles. etc... Not Akon and 50 cent!

PR0F3TA3735d ago

@ co_ray:

stop being so damn close minded, why does HipHop and R&B HAVE to be 50cent and Akon??

have you ever heard of DeLaSoul, The Roots, RUN DMC, or even Nas? they used to use Drums Guitar and Bass to make beats. Go look up the song "Roots 2.0"

all the poeple screaming "omg moar Led Zepp, Metallica, classic rawk!!" are getting old and repetitive. I like them alot too but if its coming its coming

benny o klaatt3735d ago

i've always fancied doing the drums and vocals to spandau ballets true. Not that it will ever happen.

oh well :(

TheRocker91223735d ago

Awesome.. too bad for us ps3 owners, we will have to wait a bit longer.

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