Diablo III Demo "Leak" Hoax

Well it seems that some people will have some egg on their face after this. The alleged Diablo III demo leak is nothing more than the gameplay trailer launched at WWI.

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Fishy Fingers3490d ago

Pretty funny. I wonder how many fell for it ;)

Daxx3490d ago

Me and a lot of other people.

donator3490d ago

Speechless. This Diablo 3 mania is getting too crazy.

mirroredderorrim3490d ago

The Diablo III mania will consume all it touches.

Rich16313490d ago

I am unfamilar with the Diablo series. What type of game is it? FPS, RPG, Adventure? It is a primarily PC series right? Just curious.

Rich16313490d ago

LOL! Not that I care but, how do you disagree with a question?

SnakeShady3490d ago

...a soccer simulator, just like fifa, or PES.'s an action/rpg.
yes, a pc series. but diablo 1 also come out for PS1.

SnakeShady3490d ago

...someone consider you a Noob, cause you don't know Diablo, one of the biggest franchise in the world.

Lyan3490d ago

I think the more likely scenario is that someone disagreed with him b/c he posted a question about the game that could be answered in under 10 seconds of browsing time.

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Rich16313490d ago

Thanks. I mean I have heard of it, I just never played it or anything. It is just that I am a console gamer. *runs for cover*

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