EA apologises over FIFA anthem blunder

Electronic Arts has today apologised for a culturally sensitive blunder in FIFA 08 – in which the Northern Ireland football team stand to The Soldier's Song, traditionally sung at United Ireland sporting events.

A regional newspaper in Northern Ireland reports that fans reacted with 'surprise' to hear the anthem represent their national team in the game.

One fan posted a shocked comment on an internet football forum to simply say, "So Northern Ireland has no identity now I suppose."

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PirateThom3694d ago

I didn't even know this, but picard.jpeg to EA.

Exydoz3694d ago

This is just ridiculous, I live in Derry, N.Ireland and I'm irish this is Ireland and I would throw up if I heard God save the f-ing queen! Brit's out of Ireland!!!

DavidMacDougall3693d ago

Im Scotish i hate the ****ing queen

nos4speed3694d ago

Yup that sounds about right to me, at least they still have lepricorns and pots of gold lol, now wales, theres a country with no identity, its funny because they think there an actual country and have their own little funny language

bloop3693d ago

"lepricorns"?????? I think a chimpanzee could've made a better attempt than that.

Gam713693d ago

Probably a yank.

They have to spell everything phonetically or they spell it wrong.

Which is what they do when they spell it phonetically. Catch 22.

BTW it's "leprechauns"

Seraphim3693d ago

If it's in the game... well, it just might not be in our game. Lol. Priceless... What a blunder it is...

McCartneyUK3693d ago

If your going to make fun of my country , at least spell a bit better.

It is "leprechaun" by the way :S


bloop3693d ago

Just wondering, what is the Northern Ireland anthem?? I'm from the ROI and I don't think I've ever heard it?!!!!!

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