Gaming Age reviews Guitar Hero:On Tour

Dustin Chadwell reports:

''Guitar Hero: On Tour is the first portable edition of the popular finger tapping franchise, and while the developers of this entry have done a pretty solid job of bringing the game to the small screen, it definitely feels like a hold-over for the main titles, and won't manage to keep your attention for very long.

If you've ever played a Guitar Hero game before, then you'll know what to expect here. Pound away at multi-colored buttons as they're displayed on a virtual fret board on screen, and strum away as the notes hit the bar at the bottom. All the basic controls have been brought over to the DS, if slightly altered. The button layout has been slimmed down to 4, strumming is handled by sliding the stylus across the touch screen (which looks like a guitar), and you can activate star power via the microphone, or by tapping on the star power meter.''

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