Gamecell Uk reviews Alone in the Dark

Gamecell reports:

''Ok, let's get straight to the point here; those of you hanging round the net may have heard the stories about the games controls and yes, the stories are true. They really are that bad, verging on being broken and very, very close to game ruining! There are two ways to play the game, in third and first person styles, with the controls changing depending on how you are playing. Now it's very common for third person games to have problems with the camera control, but AITD actually goes one step further by not giving you ANY control over the camera at all.

It's all down to how the game plays and how it wants you to solve the problems and combat the forces of evil. The "hook" of AITD is that it uses real world solutions and physics as the answers to its problems. So instead of controlling the camera in third person mode the right stick actually controls your hand actions. For example; when holding a plank of wood the right stick controls how you handle the plank. Push the stick to the left starts a swing, pushing the stick to the right completes said swing.''

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