Team Ninja Will Reveal Unannounced Games in 2015

Team Ninja has been working on Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, which will be released on February 17th, but apparently the sexy Japanese developer has more games in the pipeline, as revealed by Studio Head Yosuke Hayashi

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csbunk021384d ago

Introducing our new 2015 fighting game franchise!

Alive and Well: Breast Physics

Alive and Dead: First Bout

Last but not least, we're entering a new realm of combat! FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS!

Call of Women: Faboulous Warfare

Coming Soon.

1384d ago
Vandamme211384d ago

One of them has to be ninja gaiden 4.

Darrius Cole1384d ago

Which will hopefully go back to Ninja Gaiden Sigma gameplay mechanics.

...But probably won't because Team Ninja was dumb enough to change away from Ninja Gaiden mechanics in the first place.

Rhezin1384d ago

without Itagaki, I think the franchise went down the drain.

Segata1384d ago

I'd be ok if they even just went with more like Razors Edge. Not NG3 but the revision on Wii U.

AnimeFreak0131384d ago

Plz be a new Ninja gaiden game. Or a remaster of the whole NG games especially my favorite NG2 on 360.

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