Game Vortex reviews Aces of the Galaxy

Ricky Tucker reports:

''Like any good shooter, Aces of the Galaxy fills nearly all the available real estate on the screen. In one area, you might be zooming through an asteroid field while in the next, you're stuck in the middle of a battle between two massive fleets. However, some pieces of space debris can take up large chunks of your viewing area, leaving you little room to maneuver. This assures that you'll always be on the edge of your seat, though it also makes some areas feel overcrowded and can lead to cheap damage to your ship.

Each of the sectors you visit has its own look, so there's a bit of visual variety. The visuals aren't super complex, but they more than get the job done and the game moves along at a steady clip with no slowdown -- which is pretty impressive when you consider how much stuff in on the screen.

Sound is what it is. The music fits the game's mood and tempo nicely, though you probably won't remember it because of the constant gunfire, explosions and other battle sounds going on around you.''

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