OH Noes: No home-made music for Rock Band 2

Harmonix co-founder Alex Rigopulos has said that you won't be able to make your own music in Rock Band 2.

This is a key feature in rival game Guitar Hero World Tour, but Rigopulos said it was the sort of mechanic Harmonix would rather take time over than rush.

"We really felt like we wanted to do it right," Rigopulos told Associated Press. "We're taking a radically different approach to that problem. It's something we wanted to take more time to do it right.

"It's actually something we're not focused on in Rock Band 2. We're really focused on other areas related to the music and bringing the community together."

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ActionBastard3734d ago

That may swing my purchase to Guitar Hero. Unless the tracklist just blows.

benny o klaatt3734d ago

blew its chance with me, if they'd have announced the set list before rock band launch in EU, i could have been swayed.

1. up to now activision DLC has been expensive.
2. rock band dlc is pushing what? 200 tracks. thats whats important to me.
3. guitar hero 4 drums are FUGLY.
4. i dont want any more plastic drum kits/guitars

EA you get flamed to hell, but making dlc and instruments compatible with rock band 2 was a very smart move