Eurogamer Review: Unreal Tournament 3 (Xbox 360)

Reviewed by Kristan Reed:

"Previously on Unreal Tournament 3... "This feels like the PS3's new online FPS benchmark," said Tom. On PC it "pretty much remains The Daddy", according to Jim. So what of its belated transition to Xbox 360, a console that already offers plenty of choice for first-person shooter fans?

On the upside, Epic has rewarded 360 owners for waiting an extra seven months with five exclusive maps, split-screen play, a few new playable characters and some evident performance improvements. But it's not all high-fives and bear hugs. Unlike in the PS3 version, there's no keyboard, mouse or user mod support. Annoying, yes, but Epic had no choice about removing these features - it's all down to Microsoft's strict policies. Take it up with them."

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Time Lord3737d ago

or does EG give almost every game an 8.

Isaac3736d ago

But hey, at least Halo deserves it. Oh wait...

chewy3173737d ago

wee its got the same score as mgs4...

!!!!!!!!!! any one with a clear thinking head should know that MGS4 IS BETTER!!! HOW INCONSISTENT EUROGAMER!!!

Veryangryxbot3737d ago

360 games automatically get +2 points, see.

And rofl didnt the bots used to say (like just 4 months ago) that UT3 for 360 was gonna come with mod support included?

HAHAHA WHAT HAPPENED? I feel deja vu. How many times have we said "WHAT HAPPENED THERE BOY" and "WE TOLD YOU SO" already?

Them bots are just fking thick.

thehitman3737d ago

I dont know how you can buy this game w.o mods support mouse and keyboard maybe since i prefer shooters with a controller. It really takes a lot out of the game and Epic will have to do a lot to ensure that the 360 version doesnt seem INCREDIBLY gimped.

morganfell3737d ago

I know. It isn't all that. 5 maps? Last count I had over 100 additional maps for the PS3 that were not part of the original game.

player9113736d ago

Without user content it isn't a UT game.

Greedy bastards.

At least my buying decision will be easy since there is no user supported content. I guess it's off to the torrents for me.

wetowel3737d ago

I dont know why Epic even bothered. IMO this game was less then mediocre on the ps3 and without mouse+keyboard support and no mods make it look even less attractive.

Epic's time was better spent on gears 2 or something.

Rich16313737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I honestly don't think they cared about the game itself. Since it has had little to no developer support. I think it was nothing more than a Unreal Engine 3 tech demo which they are making a fortune on. Seriously, the number has got to be around 65% of games using that damn engine. Turok, Assassin's Creed, Army of Two, Gears of War, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2, Stranglehold, Bioshock, Blacksite: Area 51, Brothers in Arms, Hour of Victory, Lost Odyssey, Medal of Honor, Mass Effect, etc. But yeah, I had the PS3 version too and just couldn't get into it.

dkgshiz3737d ago

I bet everyone forgot about this port. It just looks so generic on the 360. No mods and mouse and keyboard support is pretty terrible. Save your time 360 owners just buy it on the pc. Or if you have a ps3 also, thats a good choice.

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The story is too old to be commented.