Why is Destiny the Exception?

"ZL: Dedicating time and money to Destiny simply because I enjoy shooters and RPGs, to me, seems like listening to Nickleback because I like distorted electric guitars. [...] Despite commonly held concerns, Destiny retains its status as a widely played game."

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Godmars2901324d ago

Because people have gotten use to paying more for less. The base competitive multiplayer nature of the game.

Spotie1324d ago

... that's not even the base. It's an aspect, but hardly the base.

martinezjesus19931324d ago

Yet most people that actually played the game actually put in over 100 hours into it, and counting. If that is paying more for less then it sounds good to me.

Godmars2901324d ago

But its more what the players put in rather than the game makers. I mean by the way the game was being presented it should be the equivalent of Fallout on multiple worlds than the sparse framework for a FPS that it is.

BabaSunny1324d ago

Disappointed game of 2014 the destiny

admiralvic1324d ago

A lot of it has to do with demographics.

Destiny is a loot game that is basically anti-hardcore, which appeals to many people. Sure the hardcore people can get ahead faster, will have better guns and so forth, but there are a lot of "great equalizers" that prevent people from getting too far too fast without serious time commitments.

A lot of these people don't have experience with the genre, hence why so many people complain about how the DLC rendered a lot of previous weapons mediocre, so they don't have a lot of experience to draw from. If you compare CoD to Destiny, then Destiny looks huge and amazing, but if you compare it to Borderlands, it looks sub-par.

The other thing is that the game offers a lot of accessibility and unique elements that people are drawn to. Like the raids really stand out because they're not something you see in a lot of FPS games, so it makes Destiny look better and keeps people playing. The raid is also not completely dependent on skill/tactic and better people can carry worse people, allowing everyone to have some fun.

Anyway, I don't want to ramble on and get a bunch of people trying to debate me, but the overall point is that Destiny caters to a more casual demographic, which isn't as concerned about the things the hardcore community is. There are also a lot of people, even those in the hardcore community, that like the basic game, but think it's light on content. I think thats Destiny's biggest problem, the lack of content and things to do, but thats never stopped people from sinking countless hours into games.

DimensionalSound1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

This has been one of my observations as well. The people I've met who play Destiny would not have really been into games 10-15 years ago.

EDIT: I should say, rather, the people who play Destiny and don't understand or get the criticisms against it.

JeffGUNZ1323d ago

GTFO. I have been gaming for 25 years and love Destiny. Of course the game has faults, just like every other game. I think people who enjoy the game are just tired of people like you, who have no interest in this game, to keep throwing dirt on it. Millions of people log in daily, this game is a success.

miyamoto1324d ago

I Love this game on my PS4. Nuff said.

Morgue1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I watched a pretty interesting 35 minute video last night about what Destiny was too be and how it eventually turned out. Trading, gambling, the story, why is there the need to upgrade ships and sparrows, people glitching areas that unveil areas that are made and already on disc but yet we are paying for DLC. Even how players can only achieve a certain amount Vanguard points.

Kinda crazy and the author did state that it's speculation but all based on what has transpired over the year before it was released.

Like you said and the author of that video stated, it's been dumbed down for easier access to casual players.

Here's the link..

DimensionalSound1324d ago

But has it been dumbed down for easier access, or was it broken up in order to be sold in increments to make more money?

Ripsta7th1324d ago

Actually i think i spend more time
on the CoD AW story than i did on
Destiny's sad excuse of a "story"
Beat the game and there are still alot if questions left unanswered

Morgue1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I was never a big COD fan after MW2 but I took a chance on Advanced Warfare and surprisingly the story/campaign was actually pretty good despite only being able too use the exo-suit on certain missions. Definitely a step up from Ghosts and when the end part of Destiny happened, it just ended.

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Tetsujin1324d ago

The first couple of months I was hooked on Destiny; what cracked the ice for me is the BS response when Iron Banner was dominated by a level 4.

Rather than go through a big spiel of why I left the game, I'm gonna say it ran its course, and now it's time to move on to greener pastures.

thekhurg1324d ago

Iron Banner has been fixed.

Tetsujin1324d ago

Not entirely; the second time there's level 19s (even though they did say the leader had to be 20+ to enter) 2 shotting level 28-30 (some of the proof is on YouTube), and the 3rd time there was a lot of hacking going on - to the point a lot of people I know stopped entirely because the rewards wasn't worth the headache.

I don't even want to get started on that joke called "expansion" they released, I did complete it (the raid included, legit) and rather than start a big debate/argument about it I'll say they did disappoint a lot of us as a community.

CorndogBurglar1324d ago

I think people are still playing it because, despite the valid complaints, the core gameplay is extremely fun, especially if you a friend or two to play with.

I know thats the reason I still play. I've got enough good guns and armor. Getting more is scondary at this point. I just enjoy the gameplay.

No to mention, few console games offer such a good co-op experience. If there is one thing that Destiny truly succeeded at, its the co-op aspect, as it is extremely fun.

DimensionalSound1324d ago

That is a good point; there are very few co-op games available on consoles that are still vibrant and functioning.

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