PlayStation Update + SIXAXIS Problems

Sony PlayStation 3 users are reporting their SIXAXIS controllers are no longer detected by their PS3s. To get the controller to be recognized again by the console, users have to repeatedly plug in the controller via USB to sync it to the console.

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Maddens Raiders4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

this story to get an idea of how many PS3 owners on this site are actually experiencing this issue - mainly the sixaxis connectivity. I haven't experienced any of this. Not the resolution problems nor the console "crashing" upon paying a visit to the Playstation store. My controllers respond just fine, and yes I have downloaded and installed the latest update. I simply noticed a new PlayStation account management icon under the friends section of network play after the update. What's so bad about that? The only time I have to plug in the usb cable to controller to the PS3 is if I'm hooking it up between consoles. I have a 60g and a 20g and if I disconnect a controller to go to the other one I have to plug in the usb to re sync - kind of a pain in the butt, but nothing earth-shattering. It will be interesting to see just how many people are experiencing this because I think its a little overblown. My systems have worked flawlessly since I've pulled 'em out of the box, except for running Genji (they hate that game). And no, I haven't beaten Resistance.

drewdrakes4399d ago

Ya even if people do have the problem, it could be worse. Not a big deal.

Maddens Raiders4399d ago

I really don't see why so many people are making such a mountain out of this update. It's only one of many and all you have to do is go to the Sony website to get the official info / purpose. If it;s somehting that's not going to directly affect game/movie playback or increases system performance then why waste time trying to explain every little update when you can look it up. If they are installing security updates and better protection then what is the need for line by line detail on every little detail. XBOX live patches and Windows is patched and problems fixed routinely and no one seems to get there feathers ruffled from that. Last time I checked SNE manafactures computers too - so do they have the right to offer patches? This almost seems to be offensive. Good Grief. A/W Here it is:

The PLAYSTATION 3 system software version 1.11 update includes the following:

You can now use PLAYSTATION Network services.
You can now use the single tap text entry method on the on-screen keyboard for English and other European languages.
[Audio CD Output Frequency] has been added as a feature under [Music Settings].
[Enable ATRAC] has been added as a feature under [System Settings].
[Cross Color Reduction Filter] has been added as a feature under [Display Settings].
[After 5 Minutes] has been added as an option to [Screensaver] under [Display Settings].
You can now select [Full Screen] under [Screen Mode] when playing video files saved on the hard disk or storage media.*
*An appropriate USB adaptor (not included) is required to use storage media with some models.
You can now download and save music and video files on the hard disk under [Internet Browser].
You can now download the following types of content under [PLAYSTATION®Store].
− PLAYSTATION 3 format software
− PLAYSTATION Network titles*
* The term "PLAYSTATION Network titles" refers to PlayStation format games (PS one) downloaded from PLAYSTATION Store and PSP format games distributed electronically.
Simplified and traditional Chinese characters can now be displayed under [Internet Browser].
[Online Instruction Manuals] has been added as a feature.
New for 1.11: [Account Management] has been added.
The method of calculating hard disk capacity has been changed.*
* Free space on the hard disk is calculated as 1 GB (1024 x 1024 x 1024) = approx. 1,073,740,000 bytes. As a result, the free space value displayed may be less than the value that is mentioned under specifications in the product documentation. You can check hard disk free space under [Settings] > [System Settings] > [System Information].
Playability status with the PS3 system has changed for some PlayStation and PlayStation2 format titles. To check on the latest status, visit the search site for compatible titles.
New for 1.11: Some PLAYSTATION Network features have been revised.

SuperSaiyan44399d ago

Well in regards to the controller all I have to do is press a couple of buttons to SYNC my WIFI 360 pad, not mess around with inferior technology such as bluegoof ;-)

Brandon4399d ago

probabily the high frequency of the wireless have burn your brain, use wireless for a controller it's totally useless, you don't need to play with your 360 from 50 meters and wireless it's more easy to disturb with other electronic devices, bluetooth it's much more better because have lower frequency, the speed is much slower but you don't need transfer speed for the controller

Deafman4204399d ago

Do a lil bit more research before u speak. The 360's wireless pad doesnt interfer with any other electronic device, i should know, i have one

Fanboys are gay4399d ago

so how many more problems will surface before christmas with the ps3?

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