Jolt reviews Buzz! Quiz TV (PS3)

Colin J Barnwell writes:

''Buzz! is brilliant. Not the eponymous character voiced by Jason Donovan, he's annoying – but in a good way; in the way you laugh out loud when your contestant kicks him in the nuts and leaves him down for the count as the end credits roll. Ha-ha. Take that Donovan.

Er, no, I'm talking specifically about the game, or rather the series that Sony launched a few years ago for the PS2 and made the console so accessible your granny could use it. She might still have been rubbish, mind you, but at least her controller didn't have more buttons than she had fingers.

Like SingStar, Buzz! is a game that walks a line between those of us who are gamers and those of us who aren't, and yet it courts both audiences with ease. Put simply it takes the concept of a family board game, packages it in the style of a TV Quiz and presents it through the medium of a games console. Okay that wasn't put very simply, how about this: it's a general knowledge quiz game where each player gets a 5 button controller with which to buzz and answer multiple choice questions. Up to 8 players can play (with two sets of buzzers) be they your MMO addicted flatmate or the next door neighbour who thinks Blu-ray is a type of pregnancy test.''

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The Wood3735d ago

played for hours yesterday with 3 others. None of us had played any of the previous buzz's but it was simple and fan to get into. A few more game modes would of made it better though and the ug content will continue to keep this game relevant for a long long time