Gamecyte Review WiiWare: Magnetica Twist

Gamecyte writes: "I'm hoping I can go this entire review without saying "The twist is," or "But there's a twist!" or "With just a twist of," or any such obvious quip. I'm also hoping my wrist stops aching soon - Magnetica Twist is a fairly addictive little action-puzzler, controlled entirely through small rotations of the Wiimote. After a few hours of play, you can start developing a case of localized Wii-itis. The upside to that, of course, is that Magnetica Twist is the kind of game you'll want to play for hours at a time: accessible, addictive, replayable, and challenging. Granted, it's also a game we've all played a hundred times before in any number of incarnations, but thanks to a tiny handful of additions to the familiar formula, Magnetica Twist is a thoroughly enjoyable little distraction. Also, though it may weigh in at 1000 Wii Points, its modest 85-Memory-Block size makes it a fairly painless addition to your channel lineup."

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