Strategy Informer: Why EA needs to re-think its Design

From Strategy Informer: "In the US, there are cheers from around the country. The latest Madden has been released. If American Football games aren't your cup of tea, then maybe it's the latest edition of NASCAR. Often that results in a disinterested grudge from us Brits. The last US-sport game I played was Madden on the Mega Drive. It kept me interested, but purely because pocket money was short and review samples a distant dream. With a copy of NASCAR 09 to review, tentative steps were taken. Those apprehensions were not unfounded."

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Rich16313668d ago

I have no problem with EA's game mechanics in Madden but I do agree with the guy that the NASCAR games are crap. I have played the demos and if I wanted I real racer I would pick up Forza or Gran Turismo and some great "aracady" ones like Burnout and Motorstorm. With that said, I hate the "Madden yearly upgrade system". EA should (but won't) release a new football game every 2 years with a upgrade patch of around $10-20 in the middle with the new rosters. Because lets face it, it's the same game every year with some minor tweaks or new gimmick. Last year had the motion capture gimmick and this year it is the weather. Either way I hate buying em' every year, but I do because I have fun with em'.

newneto3668d ago

The best they can do is work with updates, as they did with the Be a Pro online in FIFA.

Monchichi0253668d ago

Especially Madden! I got nothing more to say!