WorthPlaying XBLA Review - 'Warlords'

WorthPlaying writes: "Warlords is one of those little classic games that a lot of people remember, but it isn't one that a lot of people remember exceptionally fondly. This arcade classic pitted as many as four players against each other in what could only be called a manic mishmash of Pong and Breakout, competing solely to be the last man standing. The problem was that its mechanics simply were not that strong, and many clones - such as the secret Lords of Lunar minigame that came with the PlayStation 1 Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete - managed to improve upon the gameplay to create significantly more entertaining offerings. However, it seems no classic game cannot go without a revival nowadays, and Atari decided to give Warlords a go, letting Stainless Games produce a very interesting, albeit average, attempt to improve on the classic."

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