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Having waited until it was fixed, TGR review Driveclub and find that it's now an extremely good racer.

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TheGrimReaper00111299d ago ShowReplies(11)
Der_Kommandant1299d ago

And it works great, I haven't enjoyed playing a racing game like this in a while.

badboyz091299d ago

Me and a friend Got it about 2 weeks ago.


I would've given it a 9 but it's missing certain key elements like splitscreen. Also more car options. But overall the Game is Beautiful.

blackpanther251299d ago

You would really want DriveClub splitsceen? and with those graphics? ...okay.

This game is the best racing game I've played in a while though; including the weather effects and visuals. I'd agree with a 9, potentially the G.O.A.T racing game ever made.

GameSpawn1299d ago


Evo did do split-screen with a couple of the MotorStorms [Pacific Rift and Apocalypse], so it could have been possible [maybe by giving up some rendering on the environments].

However, with the perpetuation of online play I'm kind of against split-screen. I would rather have higher fidelity and the whole screen to play on than lesser detail and half or even worse a tiny quarter of the screen to play on. I like to have the peripheral edges to watch for people and objects on the sides.

n4gusername1298d ago

About splitscreen comments: It isn't about online full screen looking better. It is about you and your family/friends playing video games together and having a blast. Kids these days...

peyotiux1299d ago

Hypendant preparing for a N4G backstab!!!

FanboyKilla1299d ago

(now that everything actually works) can i have my ps plus version you said i would get? i play it on shareplay, pretty good, very pretty. takes some getting use to. didn't like how the cars handle. maybe when i get ps plus version with some more pt might be ok.

jc121299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

This game is pretty good, but its not a 9/10. Lets be real here, 9/10 and 10/10 scores are reserved for the best of the best - those games that are as innovative as they are elite in their gameplay, content, and production value.

DC possess elite visuals, but when you boil it down, the gameplay is pretty limited in scope. Im sure I'll get downvoted, but its the truth imo. Id give this game an 6/10 at launch, and an 8/10 now.

jc121299d ago

how'd i know everyone would downvote this. Please, for all you down voters, tell me what is so mind-blowing about the gameplay and content of this game that it deserves a 9/10 or 10/10?

medman1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

I agree with you. I like the game, but eight out of ten is what I would score it also...maybe even seven out of 10. A seven or eight is still a good score. I picked it up after the weather update, and it's gorgeous and the sense of speed is fantastic, but it's pretty bare bones as far as racing games go, with a limited number of vehicles. I would like more customization options, even the ability to change minor things, like wheels and tires...I like the game for what it is, but if DriveClub's score is nine out of ten, what the heck will the score for the next Gran Turismo be? 15 out of ten?

ScaryMonkey1298d ago

If you cant handle being down voted dont say something you expect will get you down voted, pretty simple.

jc121298d ago

@scary: I can handle getting a justified and legitimate downvote, what I cant handle are those people on this site that are blinded by their immaturity and fanboyism and downvote anything that hurts their silly little feelings.

PoisonedMonkey1298d ago

One of the key components of a racing game is the racing, surely. DC has some excellent racing, far better than Gran Turismo manages as the other drivers actually fight with you and each other. A huge roster of vehicles doesn't make a racing game good - top quality racing makes a racing game good.

jc121298d ago

@monkey: They fight with you alright, perhaps a little too much considering there's no dynamic car damage. For this reason, much of the online races are frustrating as all hell because people play bumper cars, smashing you into other cars and walls repeatedly to get an advantage. This really hurts the online experience in my opinion.

Not to mention the drifting in this game just doesn't feel quite right...

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sAVAge_bEaST1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Got it for Christmas,,. It's a good racing game.

One of the best I've played in a long time. Graphics are lovely, along with the driving experience.

UKmilitia1299d ago

as someone that is on the road every day working im blown away by the weather effects,especially the sun as you come over the hill and it makes it hard to look at the screen .
Totally loving the settings/dynamic weathers

4theplayers1299d ago

Best looking racing game ever!

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