Ex-PC Gamer editor starts pro-Diablo III petition in response to fans' complaints

The Globe and Mail writes:

"Greg Vederman, a one-time editor of PC Gamer Magazine and now business development manager with HP's gaming unit, seems to be equally flabbergasted by the audaciousness of [the 24,000 fans who have started a petition to protest the art direction of Diablo III]. In fact, he has created his own petition in response. Raises and Praises for the Diablo III Development Team is an open letter of support to the game's designers in light of fans' impudence.

"It must really suck for you," reads the petition, "having toiled in secret for years on a franchise you no doubt adore just as much as us, to hear immediately following the announcement of the new game, not 'Thanks guys, you rock!', but rather the sound of thousands of mice clicking the submit button on an online petition demanding you de-turd the game."

Well said, Mr. Vederman."

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Tempist3731d ago

This begs to ask; will people every be happy? Ever?

You know I'm going to demand that Picasso change his artistic style. Immediately.

Ghoul3730d ago

exact my thought

whinging is one thing demandung to change an artstyle is a nogo and simply childish or lets say immature...

MyNutsYourChin3730d ago

Well said, my fellow gamer, well said... Have a bubble.

TheUsedVersion3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

When I first read the article, I thought the same that many will probably think which is that the developers should make the game the way that they want to. But that was before I went to the petition page and actually looked at the mockups they made for Diablo III and I have to say that I like their version pretty damn well. Maybe they could compromise and come up with something in between the two styles. I recommend that everyone go and checkout the mockups images they have links for on the petition. I'm not usually for styles that only use brown, black, and grey but it certainly fits the gothic style. However, I bet the way that the developers have it now looks awesome in motion which I may not be able to say the same for the darker style. Oh hell I don't know what I like.

Baka-akaB3730d ago

Count me in for the pro d3 petition ! It would actually be a fun and interesting petition for a change .

Dino3730d ago

don't buy it. How dare they demand the art style they want. it's like nerds who whine about comic book movies not being exactly faithful to the original material. Guess what? go read the comics, they wont change and go play diablo 1 and 2 they wont change either.I for one will be enjoying Diablo 3 with the rest of you guys on top of me(not literally-unless you buy me din din). Now if they could start a petition for pking I could understand. But I digress.

cJw3143730d ago

I thought gamers were smart enough to know they can change their display settings to make ANY game look however they want it to...?

Nvidia drivers can certainly adjust for color... do it yourself and make it perfect just for you. Otherwise, stfu and let blizz get it done so we can play already.

William X3730d ago

okay , obviously you guys have it all mixed up its not the colors or rainbows " us " fans are against its the colors and rainbows in THIS game diablo that we dont want.. if you dont care to care about art directions gameplay environments in games and just lay back and enjoy whatever is given, well good for you, but many out there playing a game like this is simply more than just a simple ball thats being kicked around its their world cup , its their trip movie. their childhood memories whatever. thats why they invest their time to write petitions and do what they do they care for the product and belive me if all fans were like these then we'll have perfect games released every time unlike dare i mention EA or ubisoft or all those money mediocres out there , i dont blame them they are businessmen they want to make just some cash and they are doing so but its no masterpiece no one will rmeber those games a few weeks afetr their release, these guys want to amke a da vinci drawing out of every game and blizzard i belive is made for that so listen carefully. now thats said, i believe in order for any developer to move forward and to evolve is to listen to the fans closely ..very closely , cause any game without the satisfaction of the player is no game at all same with art and audience. coming back to diablo 3 people here should be more than proud that there are fans and players out there who know exactly what to expect from this game they put in their time and effort to demonstrate to the developers to bring in ideas so that whatever the outcome is, it will be better for sure , this has proven to be the case with many games at blizzard and many other respected companies these fans are talented some of them are professional artists workin in the industry and they are creative, the petition is just a symbol not an offensive gun barrel its a symbol to be heard and to counter the counter of the mass media of games which aparrently recently has turned even daemons and monsters into childlike glowing teddybears with sticks just to attract more and different people hence more cash, i hate to think blizzard has chosen this path with this classic game whoich defined a genre and influenced myself in my carreer. diablo 2 and 1's monsters are incomparable they are ruthless rough looking and pure evil you see it visually its there and even though at the time it was just 2d pixels , you really wanted your character out of there the soonest or really felt you had to be prepared to move in cause those guys were scary as hell and that accoustic gothrock solo guitar that was playin in the background completed the picture. now i'm not saying diablo 3 is all bad they have great ideas there like that monster being assembled you see the bones then muscles etc.. the dynamics engine etc.. looking amazing, the graophics and artdirection looks off and visualy felt dated. blizzard released alpha gameplay so that it would hear the reactions and the reactions are hopefully heard, and as for the video response ( if it is indeed a response ) with all do respect to blizzard and the producer, its my humble opinion that in cases like these i dont prefer " producers " to stand up and talk i would like to see artdirectors artists animators step up there and answer Q&As, producers are mostly the P.R. people after the cash and profits . while the game designers and artists are the ones trying to make a difference if freedom is indeed given to them in this case.. so let them talk ! .. its always these guys on the spotlight and not the people behind the curtain who are the real creators, i want to hear their reactions to the fans ...