Giant Bomb reviews The Bourne Conspiracy

Ryan Davis reports:

''As much as I appreciated the way 2002's The Bourne Identity restored some of the seriousness to international espionage that the James Bond franchise had been frittering away for so many years, anyone who called it a "thinking man's action movie" was just covering for the fact that they loved watching Matt Damon outrun Parisian cops in a beat-up Mini Cooper and stick pens in dudes' hands. Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy doesn't feature any of the actors from the film, instead replacing them with a cast of similarly stern-faced CG models and studio soundalikes, but it ably captures the feel of the first Bourne film, recreating a number of its memorable action set pieces. It can be a viscerally enjoyable experience, though it's also a fleeting experience that, unlike the movie, offers little reason to come back to it.''

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