Spyborgs will max out the Wii, no E3 showing

Capcom has provided the Wii with ongoing, strong support and seems interested in continuing their pattern. Spyborgs is one of the latest titles that have been revealed by the company. The game did not receive a terribly warm reaction from the hardcore Wii crowd, though numerous Capcom representatives have expressed feelings of faith in the game. Based on recent words, Wii owners should begin to believe in Spyborgs too, as Spyborgs, according to Capcom's Christian Svensson, will max out the Wii and will make the most out of the Wii's power. Svensson explained,"Spyborgs will be that product. Wait and see." Also, on a slightly different note, Svensson gave the unfortunate news that Spyborgs won't have much of a presence at E3. "Captivate was the announcement with very little detail shared… it'll lie low for a bit until we're ready for a bigger reveal (similar to what we did with the Dark Void announcement last October with the bigger reveal at Captivate), so no E3 showing."

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ChickeyCantor3731d ago

Thats what they all sayyyyyy.
Depending on how the game is programmed anything can max out a console( in their opinion) I remember Kojima saying the same about the PS3 ( Metal gear solid) but i honestly dont think developers cant say if they really tweaked the sh/t out of a system.
They just think they did.

coolfool3731d ago

Maxed out doesn't equal best graphics, gameplay or even best game.

But I am interested to see more about what this game will be like.

ChickeyCantor3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

But you know thats what they are talking about, its nothing more to build hype.

I also said
" Depending on how the game is programmed anything can max out a console "

So im aware it doesnt have to be those things you listed.

coolfool3731d ago

Just to be clear, I was agreeing with you.

I was just trying to elaborate. Maybe, I should have just shut up.

ChickeyCantor3731d ago

I didnt took your comment offensive. So all is good.

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PS360WII3731d ago

Well one can hope... glad they aren't doing an E3 showing then because from those past screens we've seen it certainly doesn't look like anything was maxed out.

TruthbeTold3731d ago

... Next year when this game, the stuff EA is working on, The Conduit, etc. come out, all with these same claims. Some will look and play great obviously, while likely some will be lackluster. And yet each is supposed to max out the Wii's capabilities. Personally, my money is on High Voltage for the win, and EA for fail. Spyborgs? I really am trying not to judge it too much yet, though my lack of excitement for it is rather telling I think.

Voiceofreason3731d ago

I like that the Wii is getting some original games. However I also wouldnt mind some real effort put into games we already know. Stop porting from PS2. Wii is powerful enough to surpass it in every way. The next thing they need to do is to look at the Wii software sales. Look at what games are actually selling on Wii. Most are established titles. Zelda, Sonic, Guitar Hero,Mario, Metroid, and Resident Evil.