EchoChrome, Elefunk Delayed

Both EchoChrome and Elefunk were previously meant to hit the European PSN Store today, but failed to do so. A cursory glance at the official PlayStation site suggests EchoChrome will land next week, with Elefunk the week after. Let's hope so.

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SilPho3671d ago

Why? I understand that delays happen for a reason, but when they are out elsewhere I cannot for the life of me think of what that reason could be.

Sigh, I want my Echochrome puzzling goodness.

dro3671d ago

i got a usa and europe psn store, its really easy to get, i downloaded that EchoChrome game and it is pretty good, just say is sony brain training game! ..if u want a different region psn store just go to creat new user and register for a psn account. put an america address if u want an america psn store and europe addres if u want an europe psn store.

Captain Tuttle3670d ago

You shouldn't have to do that though. Sony should treat the European customers like's Sony's biggest market.

Ben10543671d ago

i wouldn't announce a game before a year before its release date,
and when i do give an release date i would tell people its coming out a couple of months after when i think i would be finished with it, so if there is a delay people would t find out and be affected

butterfinger3671d ago

will the US store have Elefunk today? I was sort of thinking that we may get PixelJunk Eden today since Eric Lempel mentioned it so much before 2.4 came out, and he already had trophies for it. I hope all of these new titles have built in trophy support already.