SCEE: Super Stardust HD Team Expansion removed because of 2.40 pull

SCEE's told VG247 that the Super Stardust HD Team Expansion has been pulled from PSN because it includes Trophy support.

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Mr_Showtime13733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Very strange...

Edit: ok I just went onto SSD:HD and bought this upgrade with no problems...

chasuk083733d ago

Yeh it is, im just wondering why they took it off

harrisk9543733d ago

It made no sense until I read the article...All it says is that you need to download 2.40 and then the SSHD patch and it will work fine...

"SCEE just told us that the Super Stardust HD Team Expansion is still available for download from its servers, but you won’t be able to access any Trophy functionality unless you’ve already installed Firmware 2.40."

“SuperStardust HD and the Expansion Pack are still on the store and available for download,” a rep told VG247. “However the patch that is required to enable Trophies is part of the 2.40 update. So, people can still download and play the game now, but they will not be able to access Trophies without the 2.40 firmware update.”

Marceles3733d ago

It's not in the US store :(

kingme713733d ago

I got the upgrade late last night and trophies are working.

butterfinger3733d ago

makes absolutely no sense. The game itself has trophy support, so why wouldn't they pull the whole thing? I was playing SSHD all night last night and I'm almost done with the trophies for it. I must admit, the trophies are really going to keep me playing games, but now I feel like I'm getting way more value from them.

khellendros13733d ago

I got the update early Wed morning and it works perfectly.

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