Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Gift Pack DLC Now Available From Xbox LIVE

Ubisoft delivers a gift to Rainbow Six Vegas 2 gamers today. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Gift Pack DLC is now available as a free download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. See the details and a trailer video for it here.

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eddierivera3669d ago

I bought part one and part 2 and both games have issues that I just cant deal with. No. 1 being bullet lag. I dont know why R6V is the only online game that has such bad bullet lag to where it takes up to 5 secs to hit any object I point at. Its unexcusable. Ubi is considered one of the best devs in the industry, Im still trying to figure out why everyone keeps them in such high regards. I use my copy of R6V2 as a coaster.

Nitrowolf23669d ago

i still play the game but the issue are bad
i mean wtf wat did they fix that wasnt fix in #1 it has the same issue the same way of doing glitches
wtf ubi did they not learn from there mistakes?
i would have been more hppy if the included LVU campus and took out one of those dark maps

iNcRiMiNaTi3669d ago

aww no lvu campus.

calypso is cool too. might download this and start killing people going down the elevators again

eddierivera3669d ago

they should have worked on the product that was half assed done, and fixed the online problems before they put out new content. Im not gonna play a broke game just cause it got some new dlc. I wont waste my time more than I already did. I learned the first time ubi,, I dont trust your company if my life depended on it.