X360 preview: Too Human

X360 recently had the pleasure, or lack of, of playing Too Human. For an entire day. Before they continue, they would like to point out that the code was incomplete. X360 offer this as a caveat, because what they are about to say about the game itself isn't particularly kind, because frankly, kindness is not a quality it deserves.

Initially ugly and onwardly dull, Too Human, in its present form doesn't so much suffer an identity crisis as give a knowing nod that it's simply not very entertaining. What other reason could there be for the poor script, laugh-a-minute voice-acting, and protagonists so poorly modelled and lip-synced as to be singularly unable to imbue its plot with any degree of weight.

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ry-guy3729d ago

Anddddd now we got a hate preview.

Whoever said it first, I agree. This game is going to be a love/hate affair.

Superfragilistic3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

This game is going to be an enjoyable one for some and a maddening one for others.

But my biggest fear is that the ten year wait and the hype are going to destroy this titles critical response and or firmly split it into two opposing camps. I'm smelling Assassins Creed all over again!

EDIT: Having now read the article, the guys complaints seem largely superficial and it's simply not his type of game (which is fine). If I want serious criticism in a preview I'll wait for EDGE which may well have a field day!

Jamie Foxx3729d ago

what have they being doing all this time?

MK_Red3729d ago

Wow, even EDGE's negative previews aren't this hateful. I haven't played the game but so far, it doesn't seem as bad as this previewer says. Kotaku's preview wasn't really positive but at least not too hateful.

Muddyalcapones3729d ago

a few more of these scathing previews should end the comparisons to Diablo 3... at least until some crackpot gives that a bad preview.

MK_Red3729d ago

A crackpot giving a bad review of what? Diablo 3!? No way in hell. Diablo III is a god of a game.

MK_Red3729d ago

WTF!? I have 2 disagrees so 2 people think sites will give negative previews to Diablo 3!?
Diablo 3 is perfect and pure awesomeness. No one can give a bad preview to D3. That game is perfection and isometric awesomeness.

mepsipax3729d ago

don't worry I'll agree with you, and diablo III will be a god of a game, but there will be a d#ckhead who gives Diablo III a bad preview, just so his site/blog will gets lot's of traffic because its controversial, I don't really care about previews, just buy/rent the game, I'm going to buy too human no matter what bad press it gets, I know it will exceed my expectations because my expectations are low for it right now due to bad hype.

Daxx3729d ago

"Too Human is, sadly, not looking promising. But then, in a game that was originally designed for the PSone, what were we all expecting?"

This is what really stuck out to me. I think he's just a Xbox fanboy who considers Too Human to be a Play Station port that is coming to the 360.

Also, a lot the features he's talking about sound almost as if he watched one the recent Silicon Knights devblog videos on IGN (the developers were talking about how the enemies level with you) and just wrote out what the developers said but put his own negative twist on it.

"Initially ugly and onwardly dull, Too Human, in its present form doesn’t so much suffer an identity crisis as give a knowing nod that it’s simply not very entertaining."

Is the guy even playing the same game? If you've seen the recent Too Human game play videos I think you can tell that it's a very beautiful game with a very neat cyberpunk Norse mythology art direction.

Superfragilistic3729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

Yeah I'd admit I have suspicions on the guys credibility. Not because of his opinions, but rather the lack of reasoning and straight out contradictions with other previews.

As I said earlier I'll wait to see if EDGE tears it to pieces. Then I'll know something's up! lol

Daxx3729d ago

I never really liked EDGE because they can be over critical sometimes.

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The story is too old to be commented.