Collectors Edition Games - Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway & other Limited Edition SKU's

XboxOZ360 writes:

"Finally publishers have cottoned onto what gamers want. Lots of nice shiny things, bells-n-whistles and neat little books and figurines to show off to all our mates and show off our "elite-ness". Yes, I'm being sarcastic, but it is a new move for game publishers. While the 360 has its removable faceplate and can come in a variety of colours, designs and the like, they never really pushed sales of game SKU's across the counter in gaming stores.

Enter the Collectors and Limited Edition Game SKU's. The latest being an exceptionally good looking kit by Ubisoft for their next game by Gearbox Studios called Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway. And if I do say myself, it's not half bad either. Generally packs like this and other Collectors Editions or Limited Editions were destined for the press as Press Media Packages. Where game trinkets were handed out in the hope the media would take more kindly to the game and give it a better look-in come review time.

Some of these Press-Promo-Packs set many a publisher back huge amounts of money, and they gave NO RETURN whatsoever. So, it makes sense to sell the buggers to the people that really matter, gamers. And, unlike when the first started popping up at a hefty $20 - $30 more (and in some case a LOT more) above the normal RRP of the game. Now the sell for as little as an extra $10 bucks on top of the normal RRP of a Standard Edition, yet usually offer the punter a great deal more to show for their money than a simple green case with a disc in it..."

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Superfragilistic3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

I'd just love to see a CE for Banjo and Viva Pinata 2. Give me a Banjo bobble head for the car or better yet some lego blocks to build cars out of. As for VP2 a Pinata full of sugary sweets and a couple of episodes on a bonus disc should please the kiddies to no end! :/

But seriously, if there's one thing from RARE CEs I'd like to see, it's a concept art book. They have the most unique and vibrant sense of art and character design that I'd probably buy such even if it was sold separately at retail. Same goes for the amazing and refreshing designs in Fable 2. :)

gaminoz3669d ago

What a brilliant idea! LE Bobble Heads! We could have Master Chief, BIg Daddy, Altair, Banjo, Ninja Gaiden, wow...that would be cool!

XboxOZ3603670d ago

The question remains though, whether or not Australia will get this particular CE, as it often misses out on a number of CE's and LE's simply due to lower sales numbers in Australia compared to other countries. We might be a HUGE geographical area, where the UK can be shoe horned into several times over, but our total populations is only 22+ million, which is a drop in the ocean when compared to the UK.

Many a collector has to make do with importing such items, and also knowing they most likely won't play on our consoles due to some not being region free. So a collector may well have two copies of the same game, one to play, and the CE or LE that might be either NTSC/UC or NTSC-J neither of which play on PAL consoles "unless region free"

I know that I've had to buy a few CE's from Canada, and Asia just to get them, as they simply weren't even know of here, such as the COD4 CE (Asia) and the Ace Combat Bundle from Canada, and the Rainbow 3 Six: Vegas CE from Nth America. None of which even looked like coming here.

Superfragilistic3670d ago

YEah I'm pretty sure we've already fallen victim to the Fallot 3 release as we're only getting the CE and not the LE (or v.v?).

Immortal Kaim3669d ago

I didn't know that about the Fallout 3 Limited edition. Or was that the one that was exclusive to Amazon or something?

matchgrade3660d ago

Where is the BiA: HH Collector's Edition available? There's been no mention or trace of it anywhere else.